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Considering a polar cruise or arctic expedition? There has never been a wider choice of polar expedition vessels, from high-tech yachts to opulent icebreakers. We have chosen to work with smaller and more intimate boats, all of which are true expedition ships, expertly designed to smoothly navigate choppy seas. Our favourite ships are complete with landing crafts, open decks and observation lounges, from which to immerse yourself in the landscape and its wildlife. Expect centrally located, ultra-comfortable, stable cabins with private balconies, plus lecture rooms, libraries, spas and gyms.

Greg Mortimer Ship and King Penguins, Antarctica, Susan Portnoy

Whilst comfort is important, we encourage our clients to think of the boat as base camp. Offering an unrivalled window into the frozen world beyond, they are designed to encourage passengers outside to explore the ice. All ships are manned by outstanding expedition teams and guides that will arrange everything from kayaking and diving to snowshoeing, climbing and more. On board, every detail is taken care of, from insulated jackets laid out on your bed to logbooks of your expedition presented to you at the end of your voyage.

In the evenings, enjoy cocktail parties and fantastic dinners where you can mix with all members of the expedition team. Passionate conservationists, they are true storytellers, with a combined knowledge, skill and dedication to serving the environment that allows these voyages to push the boundaries of exploration. Choosing the right boat for you is central to your polar experience, and by marrying our destination knowledge with an understanding of your desires and needs, we guarantee to select the right ship for your epic adventure.



We consider every detail when selecting your cabin, such as pinpointing the exact location on the ship that will maximize views and ensure as smooth a sail as possible.

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The best place to be when you are in the polar regions is out on deck, where you can drink in the landscape and views of the wildlife. All ships have spacious observation lounges so you can stay cosy while watching the action in style. 

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The ships of today are a far cry from the rough and ready options of the past. Expect incredible food, fine wines, spas, hot tubs, saunas, gyms and even beauty salons on some ships. Butlers are on hand to look after your every need.

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Size really does matter when it comes to choosing a ship, particularly in Antarctica. Our ships range from a 12 to 200 guest capacity; while bigger is not always better, it can mean enhanced facilities.

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For a truly spectacular journey to the ice, we can arrange private expeditions that encompass luxury 12-person passenger yachts in Antarctica to rugged explorers in the Arctic. Travel with award-winning photographers to far corners of the Canadian High Arctic, follow the ice edge with Inuit guides in search of narwhal, ride a hot-air balloon above Baffin Bay or observe polar bears on the tundra, all in bespoke style. 

Polar Expedition Vessels, Private Expeditions


These specialist guides will bring your trip to life. Depending on where you are in the world, your team will include historians, geologists, glaciologists, penguinologists and ornithologists, as well as photographers, cetacean specialists and watersports guides. These are people who have dedicated their lives to adventure, who have lived and worked in Antarctica for years or have grown up in the remote communities of Northern Canada – we guarantee that their stories and knowledge will make your trip. 

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