Sail through the icy hunting grounds of the king of the Arctic and see just why the spectacular archipelago of Svalbard is the jewel in the Arctic crown. Travel to Svalbard with the experts to discover it soul-stirring beauty and wilderness.

Why travel to Svalbard

This is a place where polar bears outnumber people, their presence taken so seriously that no-one is allowed to leave the town of Longyearbyen without a gun. Arctic fox, reindeer and various species of seal flourish here too, joined by whales, walrus and, come summer, some 230 species of bird, which flock here to breed.
For those seeking a luxury adventure, options abound, from hiking and snowshoeing to kayaking, skiing and snowmobiling. You will also discover ancient whaling stations, abandoned trappers’ huts and groovy lodges, such as the Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, a former radio station that comes complete with a sauna on the edge of the tundra and uses local produce to create fabulous Arctic-inspired cuisine.

While it is possible to visit Svalbard at any time of the year, the most common time to explore Svalbard falls between May and September, when the archipelago becomes accessible to expedition ships and the famous midnight sun illuminates the landscape 24-hours a day.


Norwegian Krone




GMT +02:00




May - September


Hello - Hallo
Good morning - God morgen
Please - Vær så snill
Thank you - Takk
How are you? - Hvordan har du det?
I’m sorry - Beklager
Goodbye - Ha det


-12°C on average


7°C on average


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Svalbard: An Arctic Wonderland Unveiled

A destination rich in adventure, exploration, and natural wonders, Svalbard is a place to see polar bears in their natural habitat, witness glaciers calve, behold dramatic fjords...

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Our Destination Expert’s top tip

Travel in June when mothers and cubs have just emerged from their dens.

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Local lowdown

You must carry a gun outside the settlements. In a 2012 law the Governor of Svalbard requires anyone travelling outside the settlements to have the means to scare off a polar bear. This means carrying a firearm is mandatory, and items like flare guns are also highly recommended.

Cultural insight

You cannot give birth on Svalbard. There’s no such thing as the circle of life this far north. When a pregnant women has a few weeks remaining before her due date, she must travel to the mainland to give birth.

Where to stay

Best hotels in Svalbard

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SH Vega, Expedition Trip

Named after the first ship to cross the Arctic Northeast Passage, journeys to remote polar regions with style and finesse.

Featuring elegant, Scandi-inspired design and state-of-the-art technology that allows the ship to remain in place without having to drop anchor on fragile sea beds, the 152-passenger boutique vessel features three dining venues, a 360-degree viewing platform at the bow and spacious cabins including six suites. Facilities include 12 Zodiacs, kayaks, a small spa, a gym, infinity pool, sauna with a view and large jacuzzi, while the ships’ small size enables it to make landings that bigger ships cannot.


Base Camp, Longyearbyen

The history of Svalbard is embodied in Basecamp, a hotel with bags of character that tells stories of the far north.

Interiors throughout the individually designed rooms feature driftwood, sealskin, maps, pictures and objects that illustrate the past and the present of life in the Arctic, complemented by beautiful views over the town and surrounding mountains. It’s also conveniently located and within walking distance to the restaurants, shops, bars and museums in town.


Rembrandt van Rijn, Expedition Ship

A gorgeous three-masted schooner evoking a bygone era when sail power ruled the waves, exploring the Arctic aboard The Rembrandt is a very special experience.

Perfectly suited for expedition cruising among fjords and icebergs, and for experiencing the sublime beauty of the northern lights, this 33-passenger sailing vessel is both romantic and high tech. Onboard is an experienced crew and expedition leaders who will bring the polar world to life.


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