A holiday in Ethiopia should be at the top of any adventurer’s wish list. One of Africa’s most exciting destinations – a land of contrasts that is home to some of the oldest civilisations in the world, but also a thrilling developing art and culture scene.

Why travel to Ethiopia

Unfortunately, the FCO and US Department of State both currently advise against all but essential travel here due to significant unrest in the Tigray region. Therefore, we can no longer facilitate travel to the country at this time.
Ethiopia has so much to offer from the moment you arrive. Addis Ababa alone boasts the remains of ‘Lucy’, the world’s oldest known almost complete hominid skeleton as well as the Mercato – Africa’s largest market. For adventurers, we recommend hiking through the Simien Mountains in search of its endemic mammals, while culture fans can delve deep into its more recent history by exploring its emperors’ castles in Gondar and visiting the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, which are often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.
‘High-end’ tourism is still a relatively new concept for Ethiopia and hotels tend to be comfortable rather than lavish, often with a faded grandeur and charm. This is part of the adventure, and what they lack in facilities, the staff make up for in kindness, living up to their reputation as some of the most friendly people in Africa.
We are keeping up-to-date through our partners on the ground and hope to be able to resume travel to this destination in the near future – but in the meantime, we can only hope for peace in this beautiful country, which we have enjoyed exploring and sending clients to over many years.

Ethiopian birr




GMT +03:00




October - February


Hello (informal) – Selam
How are you? (respectful to elder) – Dehina newot?
My name is... – Sime... yibalal
Pleased to meet you – Siletewaweqin dess belognal


July - August
18°C on average


February - March
23°C on average


We believe travel is precious

The world has transformed dramatically since cazenove+loyd was founded in 1993. On every trip we take, we wonder how that destination will look in another 30 years. We are passionate about our destinations and understand that it has become more important than ever to conserve their wildlife, habitats and communities for future generations.


Our Destination Expert’s top tip

Remember to manage your expectations, the experiences in Ethiopia are incredible but don’t expect luxury – A visit to see the Gelada Baboons in the Simien mountains is a must.

Terry Moohan

Specialises in

Africa + Indian Ocean
History fact

Ethiopia is the oldest country in Africa, with a history that dates back over 3,000 years. The country was never colonized by a European power, and its unique culture and traditions have been preserved over the centuries.

Coffee fact

Ethiopia is home to the world’s oldest coffee plant, which is believed to have been discovered in the Kaffa region of the country. Coffee is now a major export for Ethiopia, and the country is known for its delicious coffee.

Where to stay

Best hotels in Ethiopia

Nothing but the best. Browse our handpicked, tried-and-tested luxury Ethiopia hotels.

Bale Mountain Lodge, Bale Mountains

A serene boutique retreat in Ethiopia's southern highlands, this eco-lodge promises unrivalled access to some of Ethiopia's most diverse wildlife, including the elusive Ethiopian wolf.

The ideal base for anyone seeking highland hikes, birdwatching and deep nature immersion, we love its secluded cabins, crafted with sustainable materials. It comprises eleven forest wilderness lodges, with larger groups or families accommodated in a three bedroomed, rustic house with its own sitting room.


Mezena Lodge, Lalibela

Situated near the stunning Lake Tana and historic sites of Lalibela, Mezena Lodge serves as the perfect base for exploring the region's heritage.

Unwind in spacious, eco-conscious rooms, savour local flavours, and lose yourself in the panoramic views of Ethiopia's breathtaking landscape.


Mayleko Lodge, Gondar

This eco-friendly escape, with its traditional tukul-style bungalows, sings with comfort, serenity and local charm in equal measure.

After days spent exploring ancient castles or hiking the Simien Mountains, find solace in the warm hospitality, authentic cuisine and the soothing embrace of nature at Mayleko Lodge.


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What our clients say

A travel destination to put on your bucket list is Ethiopia, that is if your tastes run to places that are distinctive, authentic, and rich civilizations with centuries old history with their own culture, food, music and dance.

What our clients say

It was through seeing a photography exhibit of the Omotic peoples by Hans Silvester at the Marlborough Gallery in New York , that I first came to put Ethiopia on my list. I recommend our tour operator from the UK, cazenove+loyd. They’re very good at customising a trip to special interests, are responsive, reliable, and offer quality and value.

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