If you were to believe in giants, Greenland would be their playground. A land of extremes, where you’ll get up close to mammoth icebergs, be surrounded by humpback whales and walrus as well as witness the wonder of the northern lights.

Why travel to Greenland

Everything here is huge, from the fjords that cut deep into the shoreline to the city-sized icebergs of Disko Bay. It is a magical place where, in the summer months, residents of the capital Nuuk have been known to complain about the noise made by humpback whales in the bay, while in the winter, the massive skies are filled with glowing aurora.
There is evidence of nomadic hunters in this region dating as far back as 2,500BC and remains of the 6th century Dorset culture can still be seen. In the 10th century, the Vikings arrived, bringing Christianity and a link to Denmark that endures to this day.
Our experts will help you decide when and where to visit on your expedition to Greenland. Sailing through East Greenland will take you to Kangertittivaq (Scoresby Sund), the largest fjord system in the world. Icebergs, walrus and bowhead whales can all be seen in the daylight hours of autumn, while the aurora illuminate the night sky.

Southern Greenland is fast becoming a Mecca for hikers, climbers and kayakers – with landscapes that dwarf the likes of Patagonia, it’s easy to understand why a holiday in Greenland is becoming popular.

It’s fair to say that the west offers the most options for our clients in search of luxury adventure trips, from dog-sledding and snowmobiling to kayaking with humpbacks, camping on the icecap and setting sail for the Northwest Passage. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your holidays in Greenland with cazenove+loyd.


Danish Krone




GMT -02:00




June - August


Hello - Kutaa
How are you? - Qanoq ippit?
Are you well/good? - Ajunngilatit?
It's good/fine - Ajunngilaq
What is your name? - Qanoq ateqarpit?
Thank you - Qujanaq
You're welcome - Illillu
I'm sorry - Utoqqatserpunga
Goodbye - Baaj/Baj/Baabaj


-15°C on average


12°C on average


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Ideal Length: 17 days

Greenland & The Northwest Passage: Following Footsteps in History

Experience the raw beauty of the Arctic wilderness, where towering glaciers meet crystalline waters, and witness the mesmerizing sight of polar wildlife.

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The world has transformed dramatically since cazenove+loyd was founded in 1993. On every trip we take, we wonder how that destination will look in another 30 years. We are passionate about our destinations and understand that it has become more important than ever to conserve their wildlife, habitats and communities for future generations.


Our Destination Expert’s top tip

“Spend summer days kayaking with humpback whales among the icebergs of Ilulissat Bay.”

Karen Chapman

Specialises in

Polar regions, Central + South America and The Caribbean
Uncover history

In Ilulissat you’ll find the Danish polar researcher Knud Rasmussen’s childhood home, today transformed into the city’s museum. Here you`ll learn about Ilulissat’s history and the polar explorer’s life.

Local lowdown

Despite having a land size of 2.16 million square kilometres, there are no roads or railway system that connect settlements to one another. There are roads within the towns, but they end at the outskirts. All travel between towns is done by plane, boat, helicopter, snowmobile or dogsled.

Where to stay

Best hotels in Greenland

Nothing but the best. Browse our handpicked, tried-and-tested luxury Greenland hotels.

Camp Kiattua, West Fork

Camp Kittatua in Greenland is a gateway to the Arctic that offers an unparalleled opportunity to embrace the raw beauty of Greenland's wilderness.

Two hours by boat or 20 minutes heli ride from the capital, it’s all about a luxurious take on ancient simplicity with cosy accommodations and a customisable menu of immersive experiences. Unwind in the sauna tent, gaze at icebergs as you soak in the outdoor hot tub or just revel in a sanctuary at the ends of the earth.


Ultramarine, Expedition Ship

Ultramarine, a ship designed for boundless exploration in the polar realms, ushers in a new chapter of luxury adventure. From its spa-like accommodations to its panoramic observation lounge, every detail amplifies the thrill of polar expeditions.

Guided by a commitment to environmental responsibility, Ultramarine ensures minimal impact while maximising awe-inspiring experiences. Whether sailing through the labyrinthine fjords of the Arctic or encountering Antarctica's untouched landscapes, the ship promises an intimate and indulgent journey into these remote frontiers.


SH Vega, Expedition Trip

Named after the first ship to cross the Arctic Northeast Passage, journeys to remote polar regions with style and finesse.

Featuring elegant, Scandi-inspired design and state-of-the-art technology that allows the ship to remain in place without having to drop anchor on fragile sea beds, the 152-passenger boutique vessel features three dining venues, a 360-degree viewing platform at the bow and spacious cabins including six suites. Facilities include 12 Zodiacs, kayaks, a small spa, a gym, infinity pool, sauna with a view and large jacuzzi, while the ships’ small size enables it to make landings that bigger ships cannot.


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