Undoubtedly, luxury train holidays are one of the most relaxing and romantic ways to travel, particularly if you do it in style

Luxury train holidays

Indulge in the epitome of opulence and leisure with luxury train holidays. The allure of train travel has transcended generations and continents, and some of the best destinations to savour this timeless charm are Peru, South Africa, Malaysia and Japan.

Tracing the tracks of history, the concept of train travel revolutionised long-distance exploration. In America, it not only connected coasts but shaped the nation’s identity. The British, too, took this technology to the far reaches of the world. Today, the romance of luxury train journeys continues to captivate our imagination.

Picture yourself boarding a luxurious train, hearing the melodious whistle, feeling the doors slam shut, and sensing the anticipation as the train picks up speed. As the rhythmic clickety-clack of the tracks fills the air, you’re surrounded by ever-changing scenery. A sumptuous restaurant car beckons and your private cabin awaits, providing the perfect sanctuary. In an era where time races by, embracing the unhurried elegance of train travel emerges as the ultimate luxury.

Embrace the nostalgia, soak up the scenery, and relish the unhurried journey. Luxury train holidays offer a chance to travel back in time while enjoying every modern comfort—a truly enchanting way to explore the world.


Tailor-made itineraries

These are simply suggestions for the kind of luxruy train holidays you might have. Yours will
be tailored, altered, and refined until it matches you completely.

Ideal Length: 18 days

Transitory Exploring: Legendary Andean Holiday

A voyage of legendary proportions through Peru and Bolivia comprising cultural excursions, gastronomic indulgence and wildlife encounters, plus history and community visits.

From £19,850pp From $23,600pp

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Ideal Length: 12 days

The Icons of Peru

The enchanting beauty of Peru is displayed to glorious effect in this captivating itinerary, a journey that blends history, culture and natural wonders. You will deep dive into Peru's vibrant cities, marvel at mesmerising landscapes and...

From £9,230pp From $10,985pp

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Luxury train journey destinations


Looking to explore the other side of the world and all its treasures? Our Australia experts are best placed to help you organise your luxury holidays in Australia..

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Travel to Japan to experience its culinary delights, vibrant culture, architectural wonders, serene gardens, and unmatched hospitality...

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Uncover aspects of Malay, Chinese and Indian culture – from hawker markets selling exquisite street food to sprawling Chinese night markets and the religious call of prayer...

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Discover colonial cities, lakes, rainforest, ancient ruins and world-class gastronomy all in one destination. A luxury...

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South Africa

On tailor-made holidays in South Africa, you can indulge in fantastic game-viewing, vibrant cities and some of the world’s best wineries in picturesque vineyards, as well as immersing yourself in exciting cultural encounters, making your luxury holiday truly unforgettable.

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Sri Lanka

Luxury holidays in Sri Lanka promising an exciting journey of exploration and adventure with its thrilling blend of stunning natural...

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Client testimonials

Historical Adventure through South Africa

The talks, given on the train by his most gracious, hospitable and well-informed grandson, convinced all of us that Sir Nicholas had indeed inherited the gift of his oratorical skills and good humour peppered with personal anecdotes. And that constitutes a trip of a lifetime. I am already inked in for whatever trips cazenove+loyd has on the horizon.

Very professional and helpful

Organized everything and Helen kept me informed each and every time there was a change or just to check in on me and my family.

Nina Von Albedyhll
17 Apr 2023
Absolutely first class service from beginning to end

We had a spectacular trip to Vietnam and Cambodia arranged by Cazenove + Loyd. Every detail was taken care of and we had the most wonderful guides. It was an entirely seamless experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend C+L to anyone.

Mrs Morrison
10 Jan 2023

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