Whether you're a first-time safari-goer or a seasoned traveler, a luxury safari in Kenya offers an extraordinary experience. Kenya's diverse landscapes, teeming with abundant wildlife, make it a microcosm of Africa.

Why travel to Kenya

From the majestic herds of the Masai Mara to the lush tropical rainforests, rugged mountain terrain, and pristine Indian Ocean beaches, its richness and diversity will satisfy any traveller. Kenya is also leading the way in responsible tourism and many of the Kenyan safari lodges and camps are now heavily involved with community projects.
Developed by safari operators in conjunction with the local tribes, this admirable relationship is designed to preserve the country’s natural resources, while delivering real and lasting benefit to the tribal communities. All of cazenove+loyd’s safari and wildlife holidays in Kenya are based around conservation, as without responsible tourism the projects that protect animals and their habitat simply would not and could not exist. Our relationships on the ground mean that our clients can gain a real insight into these essential and impactful projects, with experiences tailored to suit all ages on a luxury family safari.
The carefully sought out, safari camps that we select for our clients are set in spectacular areas of Kenya, offering an authentic, ecologically and socially responsible experience. Ensuring comfort and exceptional guides so that you come back with show-stopping stories to regale your loved ones with.

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Hello - Hujambo
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Thank you - Asante
Please - Tafadhali
Good morning - Habari za asubuhi
Nice to meet you - Ninafuraha kukutana nawe
See you later - Tutaonana
Goodnight - Lala salama


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February - March
27°C on average


Inspirational trip ideas

These are simply suggestions for the kind of luxury tailor-made holiday you might have. Your custom travel itinerary will be personalised, tweaked, and refined until it matches you completely.

Ideal Length: 12 days

Kenya: From City to Savannah and Sand

Possibly the most diverse travel destination in Africa, Kenya’s low plains rise up from a stunning coastline to central highlands bisected by the fascinating Great Rift Valley to host a spectacular...

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We believe travel is precious

The world has transformed dramatically since cazenove+loyd was founded in 1993. On every trip we take, we wonder how that destination will look in another 30 years. We are passionate about our destinations and understand that it has become more important than ever to conserve their wildlife, habitats and communities for future generations.

Our Highlights in Kenya

Our Destination Expert’s top tip

Ask us to book a table at the Talisman in Nairobi – it’s one of our all time favourites.

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Africa + Indian Ocean
Did you know?

Kenya is home to the world-famous Maasai Mara National Reserve, one of the best places in the world to see the Big Five (lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes). It is named in honor of the Maasai people. “Mara” means “spotted” in the local Maasai language of Maa, due to the many trees which dot the landscape.


Scientists think Northern Kenya may have been one of the original birthplaces of humans. The bones of one of the earliest human ancestors ever found were discovered in Kenya’s Turkana Basin.

Where to stay

Best hotels in Kenya

Nothing but the best. Browse our handpicked, tried-and-tested luxury Kenya hotels.

Housemartin, Lamu

Housemartin is a stunning five-bedroom beachfront house on the island of Lamu, a UNESCO world heritage site off Kenya’s coast that sings with a heritage rich in Arab, Portuguese and Swahili influences.

This magnificent property boasts traditional architecture and features spacious, airy rooms that are filled with artisanal details and natural light, while the outdoor spaces are just as impressive – think lush, tropical gardens, a large pool, and several alfresco dining and seating areas.


Kalepo, Matthews Mountain Range

Located on a dry river with sweeping views of the majestic Mathews Mountains is Kalepo, a private use lodge that offers exclusive use of 390,000 acres.

A highlight of a stay at this exclusive use, family friendly, luxury tented camp is spending time with local Samburu people, observing the spectacle of the singing wells, mingling in their villages at dusk or dawn and experiencing their traditions firsthand.

Angama Mara sunrise from the guest area

Angama Mara, Masai Mara

Perched on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, this luxurious safari lodge combines exceptional wildlife experiences with impeccable service in a world-famous setting.

Considered by many as the loveliest game reserve on the continent, expect two intimate camps of just fifteen tented suites each, a private airfield and access to the Mara below, plus a famously warm Kenyan welcome. Whether you're watching the Great Migration, enjoying an alfresco picnic, or just soaking up the magnificent sunset from your private terrace, Angama Mara ensures an unparalleled African adventure.


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What our clients say

“I hope you received my letter - an attempt to express how grateful we all are to you for creating just an unbelievable experience for us in Kenya. Nick and I look forward to working with you in the future!”

What our clients say

“Thank you, for a wonderful two weeks in Kenya. Challenging but great fun, as ever. I love Laikipia and was very impressed with Serian but my absolute favourite of all our trips was Naibor Wilderness - buffalo, lions and hippos included.”

What our clients say

We had a really wonderful time, thanks to your brilliant organisation. It all went so smoothly and we saw every sort of wildlife, except rhino. A leopard twice! I went riding, would you believe? All the accommodation was lovely. David Attenborough had had my bedroom at Topi the week before.

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