Travel to Colombia in luxury to discover Caribbean islands, colonial cities, jagged coastal national parks, lush green hills, Amazon jungle, tropical grasslands and Andean coffee plantations.

Why travel to Colombia

Discover the salsa capital of the world in the West, the wonderful Amazon nature in the South, your own tropical paradise in the North and the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountain range in the North East overlooking fascinating fishing villages. As well as these rich landscapes there are also some incredible cities and Bogota, Cartagena and Medellin, in particular, will show you the Colombians’ sense of fun, their pride in where they come from and their rhythm of life.
There are so many up and coming boutique hotels that there is a place to please everyone, particularly in Cartagena. The owners are generally the stars, who complete travellers’ trips with their infectious enthusiasm, their drive to make their hotel different and having an eye for detail.

Our tailor-made holidays to Colombia can be taken at any time of the year but the most pleasant months of the year tend to be December to April. However, our Destination Experts will curate a custom travel itinerary with the best places to visit depending on your preferred month of travel.


Colombian Peso




GMT -05:00




December - March


Hello – Hola
See you later – Hasta luego
Nice to meet you – Encantada/o de conocerte
Thank you so much – Muchas gracias Please – Por favor
Excuse me – Disculpe
I’m sorry – Lo siento


Similar all year round
21°C on average


Similar all year round
21°C on average


Inspirational trip ideas

These are simply suggestions for the kind of luxury tailor-made holiday you might have. Your custom travel itinerary will be
personalised, tweaked, and refined until it matches you completely.

Ideal Length: 12 days

Colombia: Culture, community and gastronomy

A rich history, stunning natural scenery and some of the continent's friendliest, most sophisticated people, this divine country offers every ecosystem imaginable. From the Amazon rainforest and Caribbean Islands to the unimaginably green coffee triangle and snowcapped...

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We believe travel is precious

The world has transformed dramatically since cazenove+loyd was founded in 1993. On every trip we take, we wonder how that destination will look in another 30 years. We are passionate about our destinations and understand that it has become more important than ever to conserve their wildlife, habitats and communities for future generations.

Our highlights in Colombia

Our Destination Expert’s top tip

A visit to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is a must (only one of 2 in the world).

Karen Chapman

Specialises in

Central + South America, Polar regions and The Caribbean
Celebrate this

Colombia has the world’s largest salsa festival, otherwise known as Feria de Cali. It is held from December 25th to December 30th every year. This five-day festival contains grand musical, dance, and art performances.

Did you know

Colombia is home to pink dolphins. The pink river dolphin, or Amazon River dolphin, is an inhabitant in Colombia.

Where to stay

Best hotels in Colombia

Nothing but the best. Browse our handpicked, tried-and-tested luxury Colombia hotels.

Hacienda Bambusa, Coffee Triangle

A chilled out escape amidst the lush landscapes of the Coffee Triangle, Hacienda Bambusa is an eco-friendly boutique hotel that combines rustic charm with elegant amenities.

The hacienda's architecture, adorned with bamboo accents, creates an inviting ambiance, while the lush gardens, swimming pool and hammocks invite opportunities for relaxation. Also available are activities such as coffee tours and horse riding. With its sustainable ethos and natural beauty, Hacienda Bambusa provides an authentic Colombian countryside experience.


Casa Pestagua, Cartagena

In the centre of Cartagena lies Casa Pestagua. Known as ‘the most beautiful house in Cartagena’, it was named after its rich and powerful aristocratic owner in the 17th century, the Count of Pestagua.

It has been decorated with its heritage in mind and infuses the old with the new so as to reflect the grandeur of previous owners. Located just a few yards from Plaza Santa Domingo within the centre of the walled city, and with only 16 rooms, you will feel like a Lord in the Counts mansion.


Savanna Orinoquia Lodge, Los Llanos

Savanna Orinoquia, located in Colombia's vast eastern plains, immerses visitors in the region's unique culture and landscapes and celebrates the natural beauty and heritage of Colombia's Orinoquia region.

This remote eco-lodge is a gateway to exploring the Orinoco River and its glorious surroundings. The lodge offers rustic yet comfortable accommodations, showcasing the area's traditional architecture, plus engaging activities such as birdwatching, fishing and cultural encounters with local communities.


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It's a privilege to have been able to explore that wonderful country with such a well-run set-up that you organised for us. Profound pleasure and stimulation in every sense. Thank you for orchestrating such a memorable visit. Bravo!

What our clients say

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What our clients say

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