Discover colonial cities, lakes, rainforest, ancient ruins and world-class gastronomy all in one destination. A luxury trip to Peru is the perfect introduction to South America.

Why travel to Peru

While the city of Cuzco and the dramatic Inca site of Machu Picchu should be included in any first-time itinerary, we always try to pair them with something more off the beaten track to create a truly unforgettable luxury trip to Peru.

On our tailor-made holidays in Peru we can arrange for you to experience treks which most do not know about, unlock private access to museums, plan leisurely lunches in quirky locations and Amazon expeditions with world-class naturalist guides. Our network of contacts makes pretty much anything possible.


With our expert planning, you can take a private trek to remote villages and ruins in the Sacred Valley, ride on horseback to visit the condors in the spectacular Colca Canyon, travel by luxury train through Andean landscapes and also spend time on the magical islands of Lake Titicaca or in a remote Amazonian lodge.


Peruvian Sol




GMT -05:00




June - August


Hello – Hola
See you later – Hasta luego
Nice to meet you – Encantada/o de conocerte
Thank you so much – Muchas gracias
Please – Por favor
Excuse me – Disculpe
I’m sorry – Lo siento


22°C on average


27°C on average


Inspirational trip ideas

These are simply suggestions for the kind of luxury tailor-made holiday you might have. Your custom travel itinerary will be
personalised, tweaked, and refined until it matches you completely.

Ideal Length: 14 Days

Andes to the Amazon: Paddington in Peru

Inspired by the upcoming Paddington in Peru movie (out November 2024), take your family on an epic two-week Peru holiday following in the footsteps of the world's most famous stuffed bear.

From £6,390pp From $8,300pp

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Ideal Length: 12 days

The Icons of Peru

The enchanting beauty of Peru is displayed to glorious effect in this captivating itinerary, a journey that blends history, culture and natural wonders. You will deep dive into Peru's vibrant cities, marvel at mesmerising landscapes and...

From £9,230pp From $10,985pp

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Ideal Length: 18 days

Transitory Exploring: Legendary Andean Holiday

A voyage of legendary proportions through Peru and Bolivia comprising cultural excursions, gastronomic indulgence and wildlife encounters, plus history and community visits.

From £19,850pp From $23,600pp

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We believe travel is precious

The world has transformed dramatically since cazenove+loyd was founded in 1993. On every trip we take, we wonder how that destination will look in another 30 years. We are passionate about our destinations and understand that it has become more important than ever to conserve their wildlife, habitats and communities for future generations.

Our highlights in Peru

Our Destination Expert’s top tip

Don’t forget Peru offers great river cruises down the Amazon, a great addition before or after Machu Picchu.

Caroline Maber

Specialises in

Central + South America, Polar regions and The Caribbean
Cultural insight

Peruvian Ponchos. Originally designed for their functionality, ponchos have been a part of Peruvian culture since as early as 2000 BC! A traditional Peruvian poncho can take up to six months to make.

Did you know?

The potato originated in Peru and today there are over 3,000 varieties grown in the country. Peruvians like to say “Soy más peruano que la papa” which means “I am more Peruvian than the potato.”

Where to stay

Best hotels in Peru

Nothing but the best. Browse our handpicked, tried-and-tested luxury Peru hotels.

Delfin I, Peruvian Amazon

This opulent river cruise vessel allows guests to navigate the Peruvian Amazon in style.

Only four spacious suites guarantee an intimate and exclusive experience, while eco-friendly features abound, ensuring a blend of adventure, comfort and environmental consciousness in the heart of the jungle. Guests can explore the rainforest, spot diverse wildlife, and immerse themselves in local cultures with expertly guided excursions.


Aria Amazon

Crafted by visionary architect Jordi Puig, Aria Amazon offers an unrivalled expedition through the Peruvian Amazon and Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, all in opulent, eco-conscious style. Sixteen suites with panoramic windows deliver breathtaking Amazon vistas.

The top deck pampers with a jacuzzi, indoor lounge, bar, and open-air observation deck. Small-group excursions with expert naturalists ensure enriching wildlife encounters, and our eco-friendly fleet sets the green standard for Amazon cruises. Culinary excellence awaits in the dining room, helmed by celebrated chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. Discover the Amazon with unparalleled luxury and sustainability.


Belmond Andean Explorer Train

The Belmond Andean Explorer is a remarkable luxury train that journeys through the breathtaking landscapes of Peru, offering an unparalleled travel experience. As South America's first luxury sleeper train, it combines the romance of train travel with the charm of Peruvian hospitality and the awe-inspiring Andean scenery.

The train features beautifully appointed cabins and suites, designed to provide a comfortable and stylish retreat for passengers during their journey. Each compartment has large picture windows that frame stunning views of the Peruvian countryside, allowing travellers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Andes. The train's amenities include an observation car with an open-air deck, a lounge car for socialising, and a spa car for relaxation and pampering. You can also engage in cultural experiences, from live music and dance performances to learning about local traditions and crafts.


Belmond Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge

The Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is an exquisite and unique luxury hotel situated right at the entrance of the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru. As the only hotel located at the gates of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, it offers an unparalleled experience of this iconic archaeological wonder.

The lodge's rooms and suites each offer stunning views of the surrounding Andean mountains and the historic ruins of Machu Picchu. You can wake up to the awe-inspiring sight of the sun rising over the citadel, offering a magical start to your day. One of the main draws of the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is its immediate proximity to Machu Picchu where you have the unique advantage of being able to visit the site at different times of day, including during less crowded early mornings and late afternoons when day-trippers have left. The hotel also features a delightful restaurant, Tampu, which serves a blend of Andean and international cuisine, allowing you to savour delicious meals while enjoying breathtaking vistas of Machu Picchu.


Belmond Palacio Nazarenas, Cuzco

Belmond Palacio Nazarenas, Belmond's latest addition in Peru, is a tranquil hotel perfectly located in a quiet plaza just behind Cuzco’s main square and close to the buzzing atmosphere of San Blas. Once a palace and convent, this historic building has been beautifully restored keeping the traditional Inca stones, cloistered courtyard and fountain, whilst providing the contemporary luxury of a spa, the only outdoor heated pool in Cuzco and fantastic restaurants.

Suites have stunning views of the hillsides or the cathedral in the Plaza de Armas and have their own private ipads for information on the city. The restaurant offers delicious contemporary Peruvian food, which is nothing short of exquisite.


Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo is a luxury hotel located in the town of Aguas Calientes, the gateway to the famous ancient Inca citadel. The hotel's architectural design blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings, reflecting traditional Andean aesthetics while providing contemporary amenities.

Rooms are all adorned with local artwork and textiles, fostering an authentic atmosphere, complemented by tantalizing Peruvian cuisine prepared with locally sourced ingredients.


Posada del Inca Eco Lodge, Sacred Valley

Posada del Inca Eco Lodge is an enchanting retreat for eco-conscious travellers, hidden in the mystical Sacred Valley.

This rustic yet comfortable lodge immerses guests in the Andean spirit while offering modern amenities, all surrounded by glorious scenery. An ideal base for exploring nearby Inca ruins such as Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu, the lodge's commitment to sustainability adds further richness to the experience, making it a harmonious choice for those seeking a unique and eco-friendly Peruvian adventure.


Sol y Luna, Sacred Valley

Located in the heart of Peru's Sacred Valley, set against the backdrop of stunning Andean landscapes is Sol y Luna, one of our all-time favourite lodges.

Offering elegant casitas and villas oozing with artistic touches, plus a wonderful spa with treatments inspired by ancient Inca traditions. The property also hosts an equestrian centre and activities such as hiking, biking and cultural opportunities abound. Sol y Luna's commitment to sustainable tourism adds to its appeal as a unique retreat, actively supporting the local community via its charitable foundation.


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What our clients say

Thank you so much. What an amazing surprise today was and we still haven’t even got to Machu Picchu, which has always been a huge dream of mine to visit. Genuinely, I would say this is already shaping up to be the best day of my life bar getting married, as it was just such a surprise. PS. We have used the bag everyday!

What our clients say

We cannot thank you enough for everything you did to organise our honeymoon. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and doing it with cazenove+loyd really made the difference. It was so brilliant to not know every detail of what we were doing and to be surprised along the way.

What our clients say

Honestly, I can’t thank you enough for such a FABULOUS holiday. It really was absolutely wonderful and we all loved it.

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