Take an adventure many have only dreamed of with a luxury expedition cruise to Antarctica. The Seventh Continent, the White Desert, the Land of Penguins or the Base of the Globe, get ready to discover Antarctica, the highest, driest, windiest continent on earth.

Why travel to Antarctica

When the darkness of winter lifts each November, and the frozen grip on the land begins to yield, life arrives in full force. On a luxury cruise to Antarctica you will explore and finally discover the continent. Penguins and seals come to breed and raise their young, fledging and suckling them in the New Year. Whales frolic and feed in the rich waters, peaking in numbers in late February and March. Albatross circle on their never-ending quest for food while orca and leopard seal take their place at the top of the food chain.
Travel south across the Drake Passage and you will be surrounded by huge icebergs crowning the waters around the South Shetland Islands. Giant sentries protecting their kingdom, these icebergs beckon visitors to the Antarctic Peninsula, a hugely diverse and reasonably accessible frozen finger of land.
To the east is the Weddell Sea, where Shackleton’s ship Endurance was recently located, from where you can visit the emperor penguin colony at Snow Hill. Travel further, into Queen Maud Land, and you will reach a handful of stunning camps that open for brief windows in the austral summer, accessible by plane from South Africa. Meanwhile the Ross Sea, accessed from New Zealand, is where Scott made his base camp on that fateful journey.
There so much to see and do in Antarctica, knowing where to start can be tricky. Let our Polar Experts help your navigate which polar expeditions are a best fit for you.

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November - March


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-56°C on average


-37°C on average


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Ideal Length: 12 days

Antarctica: Like Visiting Another Planet, in Sumptuous luxury

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Our Destination Expert’s top tip

Travel in November – Early December to witness the penguin famous mating ritual (with some luck you might see a penguin pebble proposal).

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Local lowdown

There is no Antarctic time zone. At the South Pole the lines of longitude, which give us different time zones around the globe, all meet at a single point. Most of Antarctica experiences 6 months of constant daylight in summer and 6 months of darkness in winter.

Uncover history

Antarctica has its own Treaty. In December 1959, 12 countries signed the Antarctic Treaty, an unprecedented international agreement to govern the continent together as a reserve for peace and science. Since then, 41 other countries have signed the Treaty and participate in annual meetings, where decisions are made about how human activity in Antarctica is managed.

Where to stay

Best accommodation in Antarctica

Nothing but the best. Browse our handpicked, tried-and-tested luxury Antarctica ships.

Sylvia Earle, Expedition Ship

The Sylvia Earle, a luxurious expedition vessel named after the renowned marine biologist and explorer, is a beacon of oceanic exploration and conservation.

Designed as a state-of-the-art research and expedition ship, it embodies Earle's dedication to understanding and safeguarding the world's oceans and is complete with advanced technology to facilitate groundbreaking scientific research, marine studies and educational journeys.


Silver Endeavour, Expedition Ship

The Silver Endeavour is a vessel that merges opulence with adventure. As a flagship of Silversea Cruises, it promises unmatched elegance as it navigates the icy wonders of Antarctica.

Expect lavish suites, gourmet dining and personalized service, plus immersive onboard and onshore experiences led by experts. Embodying a new era of cruising, where unparalleled luxury meets authentic exploration, a stay on this ship will forge both lasting memories and a deeper connection to the wonders of our planet.


Magellan Explorer, Expedition Ship

The Magellan Explorer fuses epic polar exploration with high-grade sustainability. Purpose-built for navigating Antarctica's icy waters, this vessel ensures a low environmental impact while providing unparalleled experiences for adventurers.

From comfortable cabins to excellent dining, every detail caters to explorers seeking comfort amid the extremes, while the ship's intimate size fosters a close-knit community and enables landings in remote areas.


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The trip was really amazing – it has been hard to adjust to real life! Antarctica can only truly be seen one way, through experience. Neither words nor pictures can describe this magical place.

What our clients say

cazenove+loyd has unique personal connections which means every journey has a unique aspect.

What our clients say

What is so important about a cazenove+loyd trip is creating total comfort in a strange situation otherwise it can all be quite stressful.

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