Sought for so long, at the cost of so many - are you ready to explore these icy channels? We have been specialising in Northwest Passage trips for many years and will help you uncover the lesser-known beauty of the Canadian Arctic.

Why travel to Northwest Passage

The legendary ice-clogged waterways of the Canadian High Arctic have enthralled explorers ever since John Cabot first attempted the transit in 1497. It was not until 1903-06 that Roald Amundsen, the same man who would go on to beat Scott to the South Pole in 1911, became the first to complete a full transit from east to west. However, it was undoubtedly Sir John Franklin’s doomed 1845 expedition that captured the collective imagination.
Northwest Passage trips must be undertaken with the acceptance that the ice is in charge. As Franklin, and many others found to their ultimate cost, even at the height of summer the ever-shifting ice can create an impenetrable maze. For this reason, an expedition that enters Lancaster Sound is exactly that – an expedition.

The combination of ice-capped scenery, wildlife – polar bears, guillemots, beluga, walrus, musk ox and more – history and culture all combine to build an Arctic experience like no other. There is also a unique modern community living here, descendants of the nomadic Inuit of the Canadian Arctic, who, despite being settled in small towns, have kept many of their traditions alive. Our polar experts have the knowledge and experience to guide you and design a tailor-made wildlife holiday in the Northwest Passage.




July - September


Hello - Bonjour
I'm sorry - Je suis désolé
Thank you - Merci
Please - S'il te plaît
Good morning - Bonjour
Nice to meet you - Ravi de vous rencontrer
See you later - À plus tard
Goodnight - Bonne nuit


-35°C on average


-4°C on average


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Ideal Length: 17 days

Greenland & The Northwest Passage: Following Footsteps in History

Experience the raw beauty of the Arctic wilderness, where towering glaciers meet crystalline waters, and witness the mesmerizing sight of polar wildlife.

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Northwest Passage

Our Destination Expert’s top tip

Be prepared for the shifting ice to dictate every day as it has done since man first sailed through these waters.

Caroline Maber

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Uncover history

Originally the NW passage was a trade route from Europe to China. The Spanish Empire wanted to reach China and the Far East by a western route as Portugal took charge of the eastern route around Cape Of Good Hope. The Northwest Passage is 7,000km shorter than the current shipping route through the Panama Canal. That’s about two weeks saved in travelling time.

Did you know?

The narwhal whales are found in NW passage, also known as a narwhale (Monodon monoceros), is a medium-sized toothed whale that possesses a large unicorn “tusk” from a protruding canine tooth.

Where to stay

Best Expedition Ships in the Northwest Passage

Nothing but the best. Browse our handpicked, tried-and-tested luxury Northwest Passage expedition ships.

Greg Mortimer, Expedition Ship

The Greg Mortimer is a carbon-neutral ship with some seriously cool James Bond details: water-level Zodiac boarding means accessibility for all, and an activity platform affords ease of climbing, kayaking and skiing directly from the vessel.

Expect top-level guidance from a dedicated expedition crew, as well as professional photographers that will document your journey and guide you on how to capture the ultimate shot. Back on board, unwind by the bar, relax and learn in the lecture room and library then refuel in the elegant dining room.


Ultramarine, Expedition Ship

Ultramarine, a ship designed for boundless exploration in the polar realms, ushers in a new chapter of luxury adventure. From its spa-like accommodations to its panoramic observation lounge, every detail amplifies the thrill of polar expeditions.

Guided by a commitment to environmental responsibility, Ultramarine ensures minimal impact while maximising awe-inspiring experiences. Whether sailing through the labyrinthine fjords of the Arctic or encountering Antarctica's untouched landscapes, the ship promises an intimate and indulgent journey into these remote frontiers.


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