Seeking an unforgettable family adventure for the May halfterm? Look no further than this curated collection of trips tailor-made for making lasting memories. With limited time off from school, every minute of your May holiday is precious. That’s why each of these destinations has been carefully vetted to maximize your week’s enjoyment while minimising travel hassles. Promising something for every age and interest, these thoughtfully chosen locations deliver an ideal mix of activities, renowned attractions and stunning accommodations, encompassing everything from buzzing cities bursting with culture to relaxing beach getaways and wildlife-centric encounters. Let us help you find the perfect backdrop for your family to reconnect and experience incredible new sights, sounds and flavours together. All that’s left is to dive into the possibilities and let your next great adventure begin! 

Seven holiday ideas for May half-term 

Where? Morocco 


What? Experience a meaningful half-term in Morocco, blending delicious cuisine, bustling market and immersive cultural encounters.


Why? Marrakech is the ideal launch point for a vibrant family escape in Morocco, offering exceptional place to stay, spas, shopping, wellness and cultural encounters. Just a handful of the incredible experiences we can arrange for you in the city include a spin around the city in a vintage sidecar, a sunset tasting trail in the medina, a personal shopper to guide you through the souks and a private dinner at the Palais Bahia. Next, head into the High Atlas Mountains for a stay in a traditional riad. Take scenic day hikes, have tea with welcoming Berber families and purchase locally made argan oil and embroidered textiles. Expect warm and sunny weather in May, making this a wonderful time to visit this vibrant and varied North African country.    

Where? South Africa 


What? Immerse yourself in the ultimate South African adventure, juxtaposing the rugged wilderness of a luxury game reserve with the captivating allure of Cape Town. 


Why? From the urban energy of Cape Town to the beauty of the bush, a South African family holiday delivers an unbeatable combination of experiences, and the May halfterm provides an ideal window to explore this remarkably diverse nation in a compact timeframe. Begin your journey in the coastal cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, where a world of activities and cultures converge. Ascend to the top of Table Mountain for breathtaking views, encounter African penguins on the beaches, and explore vibrant neighbourhoods such as colourful Bo-Kaap. The city’s world-class museums, restaurants and family-friendly attractions provide enriching ways to connect with South Africa’s heritage before heading to the wilderness for an immersive safari experience. With an increasing number of malaria-free private game reserves adjacent to famous parks like Kruger, families can enjoy unparalleled wildlife viewing in a safe environment. Stay at one of the area’s acclaimed lodges and get ready to spot the iconic Big Five and more roaming freely across vast, open landscapes. After action-packed days in the bush, return to your luxury lodge to relax – our favourites have swimming pools and excellent activities for young explorers such as learning bush survival skills, or even earning their junior ranger credentials through special kids’ programs. 

Where? The Galápagos 


What? Embark on an unforgettable family voyage aboard an expedition yacht in the Galápagos, featuring a luxurious ship such as MV Evolve, an intimate 16-passenger vessel. 


Why? A journey to the Galápagos promises far more than just remarkable wildlife encounters – it’s an immersive expedition into one of the world’s most pristine natural wonderlands. Exploring these remote volcanic islands aboard an exclusive yacht like the MV Evolve allows your family to experience the archipelago’s marvels in ultimate comfort and style. With its expert onboard naturalist guides and small complement of just 16 guests, the MV Evolve delivers a highly personalised Galápagos adventure tailored for families. Each day, you’ll have the opportunity to get up-close with the islands’ astounding biodiversity through a variety of activities. Go snorkelling with sea lions, marine iguanas and kaleidoscopic fish, hike trails to witness the Galápagos tortoise in its natural habitat, or simply relax on one of the Galápagos’ secluded beaches, looking out for frolicking seal pups. With enriching evening recaps detailing the region’s unique geology and history, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what makes these islands so special and return with both knowledge and cherished memories. 

Where? Peru 


What? Embark on a sensational family journey through Peru’s awe-inspiring landscapes and captivating heritage. 


Why?Peru is jam-packed with must-see sights, from Machu Picchu and Lima to the spectacular Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca and the ‘White City’ of Arequipa. Why not dig even deeper and navigate the Amazon by boat or hit the tracks aboard South America’s first luxury train, the Andean Explorer. We are committed to showcasing all of these and so much more through our unique lens – think hidden treks, private access to museums, leisurely lunches in quirky locations and expeditions into the Amazon with world-class naturalist guides. Travelling in prime season, which hits from May to September, brings bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine. But early booking is crucial if you want to ensure availability during this magnificent time of year.  

Seychelles: a top spring break destination

Where? The Seychelles


What? Dive into the splendour of the Seychelles for scuba adventures. April offers ideal conditions with warm waters, calm seas, and excellent visibility. 


Why? Accessible via direct flights from South Africa and Kenya, the Seychelles offers an idyllic beach extension to a safari holiday. With over 100 islands ringed by vibrant coral reefs, the Seychelles provides a breathtaking natural playground for snorkelling and scuba diving. Families can expect incredible encounters, from swimming alongside graceful sea turtles on powdery sand beaches to exploring thriving reefs teeming with colourful tropical fish. More experienced divers can seek out iconic species like whale sharks and manta rays. Yet the wonders aren’t just reserved for beneath the surface – the Seychelles’ unique remoteness has allowed its incredible land biodiversity to flourish too. When it’s time to recharge, an abundance of excellent beachfront resorts and hotels provide the perfect blend of relaxation and family-friendly activities. From sumptuous local Creole cuisine to snorkelling right offshore, thrilling water sports to indulgent spas, a sensational family holiday for all ages awaits in this island paradise.  

Where? Vietnam


What? Vietnam’s exquisite landscapes, pristine beaches and thrilling culture, makes it an ideal destination for families with older children. 


Why? From the emerald waters and golden sand beaches of destinations like Nha Trang and Phu Quoc, to the stunning natural wonders of Halong Bay and the Mekong Delta, Vietnam boasts a diverse array of landscapes ripe for exploration. Cruise through floating markets, discover the bustling streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter trek through lush forests, or simply relax on a secluded beach – the opportunities for outdoor family bonding are endless. The country’s fascinating heritage is a tapestry woven from Chinese, French and ancient Khmer influences – with an expert private guide on hand, older children can learn about Vietnam’s resilient history through engaging stories. And then there’s the cuisine – a delightful fusion of fresh herbs, aromatic spices, and diverse regional flavours sure to awaken your family’s tastebuds. From savoury pho noodle soups to the artistry of vegetable carvings, every meal is an opportunity to experience Vietnam’s vibrant food culture together. 

Where? The Caribbean


What? Discover the Caribbean’s enchanting beauty and vibrant culture for an unforgettable family retreat. 


Why? This sun-drenched region is a kaleidoscope of experiences waiting to be explored together. From the powder-soft sands and turquoise waters of famous beach destinations such as St Lucia and Antigua to the lush rainforests and majestic waterfalls of the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean’s diverse natural landscapes provide ample opportunity for outdoor adventures. Immerse your family in the region’s rich heritage by visiting historical sites, savouring delectable local cuisine bursting with flavour, and swaying to the infectious rhythms of live reggae or salsa performances. Many of our favourite luxury resorts and cater perfectly to families, with excellent kids’ clubs and engaging activities. 

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