Experience the magic of enchanting wildlife in a tropical island paradise. Luxury holidays in Madagascar encapsulate a range of different experiences all in one fascinating destination.

Why travel to Madagascar

This beguiling island is bursting with untamed jungle, diverse wildlife, captivating scenery and beautiful beaches. There is no doubt that you will have the best wildlife holiday here. In the east, you can experience the Andasibe National Park, home to the endangered Indri, the largest member of the Lemur Family.

Learn about the Malagasy culture and their fascinating customs in the south, and view some of the most stunning sandstone rock formations. Take a hike through the canyons of I’salo National Park, visit the spiny forests home to vast numbers of Ring-tailed Lemurs and Sifikas, or the world heritage site: Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve.


In the remote west, sit back and relax on some of the most unspoilt beaches we have come across and stay in one of Madagascar’s more luxurious lodges. Or travel up to the little-known north-east coast where a stunning private island project has revolutionised luxury travel in the country, while supporting the incredible marine life that inhabits the area.


Malagasy Ariary




GMT +03:00




April - October


Good morning – Manao ahoana ianao!
Welcome (to greet someone) – Tonga soa e!
Hello my friend – faly miarahaba anao ra-namana
How are you? (friendly) – fahasalamana?


19°C on average


25°C on average


We believe travel is precious

The world has transformed dramatically since cazenove+loyd was founded in 1993. On every trip we take, we wonder how that destination will look in another 30 years. We are passionate about our destinations and understand that it has become more important than ever to conserve their wildlife, habitats and communities for future generations.


Our Destination Expert’s top tip

To really explore Madagascar, prepare yourself for some long drives but remember they are worth it, although best not to try to see all at once as logistics are difficult

Melissa Kirby

Specialises in

Africa + Indian Ocean
Lemur Fact

Madagascar is home to the most species of lemurs in the world, with over 100 different species found on the island. Lemurs are unique primates that are found nowhere else on Earth.

Did you know?

Madagascar is also home to the baobab tree, a strange and iconic tree that is found nowhere else in the world. Baobab trees can live for thousands of years and can grow to be very large.

Where to stay

Best hotels in Madagascar

Nothing but the best. Browse our handpicked, tried-and-tested luxury Madagascar hotels.

Manafiafy, Fort Dauphin

Set on Madagascar's untouched southeast coast, this rustic chic bolthole serves as an intimate blend of beach relaxation and wildlife discovery, mere moments from the Indian Ocean.

Tucked away amid lush rainforests, the lodge facilitates exploration of the unique local biodiversity, while boat trips reveal serene mangroves. At day's end, retreat to one of four thatched bungalows where your private terrace becomes a stage for stargazing and listening to the enchanting calls of nocturnal lemurs.


Tsarabanjina, Nosy Mitsio

Nature is king at Constance Tsarabanjina. This secluded island resort, part of the Mitsio archipelago, treats guests to tranquil private beaches, dazzling coral reefs and acres of lush tropical vegetation.

After a day of snorkelling or exploring nature trails, retreat to your thatched bungalow, enjoy freshly-caught seafood, and drink in the serenity of this Robinson Crusoe-style luxury escape.


Anjanjavy Lodge, Anjajavy

Anjajavy Le Lodge is located on an enchanting peninsula on Madagascar’s northwest coast, surrounded by a turquoise sea, a vibrant natural reserve and exquisite beaches.

A scattering of 24 beachfront rosewood villas line the shores of the glorious Mozambique Channel, perfectly positioned to stride out straight onto the sand – or why not head to the stunning infinity pool for an alternative take on paradise.


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What our clients say

My trip to Madagascar, a place I had dreamt of visiting as a child was organised to perfection. I saw indris, ring-tailed lemurs, dancing sifakas, a pygmy lemur curled in a tree, rocky sandstone escarpments, primeval and spiny forests alongside pristine beaches. The diversity was incredible and I can never thank c+l enough for arranging this breathtaking experience.

What our clients say

I would recommend this package unconditionally. The itinerary c+l planned was perfect. The lodges were all outstanding in comfort and service. Our Ultimate guide was superb - extremely knowledgeable in all areas, excellent driver and a pleasure to be with for 10 days. We were obliged to cancel our tour last year; c+l rebooked everything for this year, avoiding cancellation fees.

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