When you travel to Mongolia it is impossible not to be mesmerised by the endless steppe and majestic mountains of the country’s pristine rural regions.

Why travel to Mongolia

Discover true adventure in a mystical land. Vast swathes of this nomadic land remain blissfully in the 12th century and are a playground for luxury adventure trips.
Explore the plains of the Gobi Desert and delve into nomadic life and experience the remarkable hospitality of herders living much the same as they have done since the days of the great Genghis Khan. Planning a trip to Mongolia, you can discover the flaming cliffs of Bayanzag, where over 100 dinosaur skeletons have been unearthed. Further south lies Khongoryn Els, home to some of the world’s largest sand dunes. This area is inhabited by traditional camel herders and is a great place to learn about desert culture and ride the magnificent Bactrian camel.
The most luxurious place to lay your head is a private ger, set up in any one of the numerous ethereal scenic locations throughout the country. This gives you the flexibility to explore the more remote corners of the country in comfort, and comes complete with memory foam mattresses, en suite bathrooms and handmade natural Mongolian bath products for the ultimate glamping experience.
While it is undoubtedly Mongolia’s rural charms that are the main draw for visitors, its idiosyncratic capital city, Ulaanbaatar, should not be overlooked. While the centre’s lights are just as bright as any other Asian metropolis, dig a little deeper and you’ll find a city of juxtapositions: masterful graffiti which tells of Mongolian history and heritage alongside tiny Buddhist temples, and young Mongols dressed to the nines in the latest fashions waiting at traffic lights alongside a nomad in traditional boots.

Mongolian Tögrög




GMT +08:00




June - August


Hello – Sain uu
Good morning – Öglöönii mend
Good afternoon – Ödriin mend
Hello! How are you? – Sain! baina uu?
I’m good, thank you – Bi saĭn, bayarlalaa
What is your name? – Tanii ner khen be?


-15°C on average


20°C on average


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Our Destination Expert’s Top Tip

Mongolian food is very different and it’s worth packing some of your favourite snacks in case you start to miss your home comforts!

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Historical insight

The Gobi Desert, where rock formations date back over 70 million years, has yielded the richest collection of dinosaur remains in the world.

Geographical insight

Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world, with an average of only 2 people per square kilometre.

Where to stay

Best places to stay in Mongolia

Nothing but the best. Browse our handpicked, tried-and-tested Mongolian accommodation.

Mandala Nomadic

Mandala Nomadic gers are akin to suites on the steppe, sumptuous yurts providing a space to dine and relax, be entranced by the view, play vinyl, have a massage or gaze at the endless stars through the Mandala telescope.

A short walk away is one of the nomadic families engaged in the Mandala project who are happy for guests to observe, participate or walk on by. Like their nomadic guardians, the Mandala Nomadic gers move seasonally to pastures new, and for each night spent there, at least $100 goes directly to projects that reduce the impact of climate change.


Ghengis Khan Retreat

Inspired by the rich history and nomadic heritage of the Mongolian empire, accommodation is in traditional gers, complete with luxurious modern amenities, set amongst the stunning landscapes of the steppe.

A range of activities, including riding and archery, plus traditional Mongolian cuisine and cultural performances is on offer,, and guests can also learn about the fascinating history of Genghis Khan and his empire through guided tours and storytelling sessions.


Three Camel Lodge

This unique and eco-friendly luxury lodge is inspired by traditional Mongolian architecture, with ultra-comfortable, beautifully designed gers adorned with traditional Mongolian furnishings.

The lodge provides opportunities for cultural immersion, including visits to local nomadic families, camel treks across the desert, and exploring the fascinating landscapes of the Gobi. With its commitment to sustainability and community engagement, Three Camel Lodge offers a memorable and responsible way to experience the vast beauty of the Gobi Desert.


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It's a privilege to have been able to explore that wonderful country with such a well-run set-up that you organised for us. Profound pleasure and stimulation in every sense. Thank you for orchestrating such a memorable visit.

What our clients say

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you what an amazingly jaw-dropping trip this was – everything you promised and more. The organisation was second to none and I am a cazenove+loyd convert.

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