Take advantage of the March spring break to enjoy a family adventure perfectly tailored for togetherness and rejuvenation. In this list you will find out which are the best countries for spring break 2024. The week long holiday allows families to reconnect over simple pleasures, experience a different culture or learn something new, all while making long-lasting memories. Whether it’s an action-packed escape, a beach break or a cultural getaway, we will ensure you make the most of your precious family time. Scroll down to explore some of our Destination Experts’ pick of top places to go over spring break.

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The six best luxury spring break destinations for families

The Galapagos are one of the best spring break destinations for 2024

Where? The Galápagos


What? For an unforgettable family holiday, consider a voyage into the Galápagos aboard an expedition yacht. We have access to a fantastic selection of vessels including the luxurious MV Evolve. On this intimate and luxurious 16-passenger vessel, you’ll enjoy the highlights of the Galápagos while exploring remote islands few get to experience – all over the course of a week-long spring break.

Why? We all know that the wildlife here delivers, but the setting is also extremely beautiful and rich in both history and fascinating tales of the early inhabitants, all of which will be brought to life by your expert guides. Each day in the Galápagos offers a dazzling array of activities, from snorkelling, hiking and swimming to exploring beaches, kayaking and paddle boarding. While the underwater world is brimming with wildlife to explore – schools of fish, golden eagles rays, sting rays, white-tipped sharks and Galápagos sharks – there’s also plenty to keep you busy on the MV Evolve. Chill out in the sun, hit the gym or snuggle up in the library, before a recap of the day’s adventures from your guide and a sensational dinner.

Morocco is one of the best spring destinations for families

Where? Morocco


What? For a meaningful and engaging place to go on spring break, Morocco is hard to beat. Its delicious cuisine, vibrant markets and friendly locals offer interactive cultural immersion in a trip that can combine cities, mountains, beaches and desert.


Why? A delicious assault on all the senses, it’s easy to understand why Morocco is a perennially popular destination. Begin in Marrakech and dive into the medina to shop for carpets, spices, woven baskets and more while practicing your bargaining skills as a family, before feasting on slow-cooked tagines and mint tea. Next, head into the High Atlas Mountains to support rural communities as they rebuild after the recent earthquake. Stay in a traditional riad and take scenic day hikes, have tea with welcoming Berber families and purchase locally made argan oil and embroidered textiles. Spring is fast approaching in February, meaning warm and sunny weather and making this a wonderful time to visit this vibrant and varied North African country.  


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Where? Guatemala + Belize


What? For an immersive Central American family holiday, combine the highlights of Guatemala and Belize into one action-packed half term itinerary. 


Why? With ancient cultures, adventure activities, tropical wildlife and beaches, Guatemala and Belize offer families interactive options for fun and cultural learning. Guatemala is steeped in Mayan and Spanish colonial history and is home to a beautiful medley of towering volcanoes, tropical forest, mountainous highland, charming colonial towns and enigmatic ruins. English-speaking Belize, meanwhile, is a melting pot of cultures and has a laid-back Caribbean vibe and a glorious coastline. From wandering the colourful colonial streets of Antigua and sampling delicious street food such as pupusas and chuchito, to zip-lining through jungles, learning traditional crafts and exploring the world’s second largest barrier reef, this vacation will blow you away. 

One of the best places to go for spring break is Iceland

Where? Iceland


What? For an awe-inspiring March-April spring-break, embark on dog-sledding adventures in Iceland by day, then witness the splendour of the northern lights shimmering across the night sky. 


Why? Dogsledding is a wonderfully hands-on experience spent traversing a remote, snow-blanketed wilderness while bonding with a team of enthusiastic huskies. You’ll be partnered with an experienced musher who will drive the sled while the dogs dash across the pristine white landscape to the delight of kids and adults alike. After a few exhilarating hours out on the expansive icy trails, embark on a guided northern lights excursion, a natural phenomenon makes for lifelong magical family memories. As the breathtaking colours of the aurora borealis start illuminating the horizon, children will be mesmerised, hopefully standing still for a few moments to take it all in!  

Where? La Paz, Mexico    


What? The capital of Mexico’s Baja California Sur, La Paz is home to a world of unforgettable experiences in one divine destination. La Paz means “peace”, and this really is the perfect place to unwind, reconnect with nature and awaken your senses.

Why? One notable benefit La Paz offers for Spring Break is its distinct lack of crowds compared to Cabo, its neighbour just two hours south. Instead of joining the bustling all-night festivities in Cabo, consider veering in the opposite direction for a serene retreat, embracing tranquility and indulging in laid-back luxury.


From glamping beneath a million stars, chartering a private yacht to sail you across the sparkling Sea of Cortez, christened “the world’s aquarium” by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, or unwinding at any number of opulent beachfront resorts and spas, you’ll revel in the diverse splendour on offer in La Paz. From water sports galore and swimming with extraordinary marine species such as the majestic whale shark or playful sea lions to sampling exquisite local cuisine and exploring laid-back coastal towns such as El Pescadero and Todos Santos, expect to fall in love with a different kind of luxury here.

Where? Dominican Republic


What? From its world-famous beaches and eco-adventures to its vibrant culture and delicious local cuisine, the Dominican Republic delivers endless magical moments for every type of traveller.


Why? Relax under swaying palms next to talcum-soft sands while crystalline turquoise waters lap at your feet, or explore lush rainforests by zip-line, spotting exotic birds, butterflies, and monkeys along the way. Discover the rich history in capital Santo Domingo’s cobblestone streets then dance the night away to spicy merengue beats pulsing in the vibrant bars and clubs. With its mountain landscapes, pristine coastlines, centuries-old architecture and dynamic culture blended with strong Afro-Caribbean roots, not to mention golf resorts and nature reserves ripe for exploration, this diverse island paradise enthrals at every turn.

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