Claire’s flying Safari in Namibia


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I remember when I first joined cazenove+loyd, Susie Cazenove talking to me about some of her most memorable trips in Africa. This is how I first came to hear about the Schoemans and their adventurous flying safaris along Namibia’s remote Skeleton Coast. Susie talked with such enthusiasm about this trip that the seed was sown; I had to experience this at some point. Finally I have and I can say without doubt that it is one of the most thrilling, insightful and unique adventures I have had to date in Africa.

Flying Safari Namibia

The concept that was first created by Louw Schoeman is now run by his four sons Bertus, Andre, Henk and Leon. I had the pleasure of Bertus showing me this indescribably remote and ever changing landscape.

It is difficult to pinpoint a highlight of the trip as every day brought a new and exciting challenge. For me, to be able to access areas that no road can ever take you to is a privilege. You realise quickly that this has been the brothers’ “backyard” as they were growing up because they know how to negotiate the most hazardous of dunes, which you or I would never dare to attempt. Thirty Eight degree angles? No problem in their vintage Land Rover. I can tell you it’s a thrilling ride and I could not have felt in safer hands.

To fly at such low levels, to be able to choose a spot, any spot on a beach to land on for a cup of tea, to hop from plane, to vehicle to foot to boat and in three days feel as if you have seen for yourself the great diversity of landscape tht Namibia offers is simply brilliant.

Flying Safari Namibia

The Schoeman’s have the innate ability to uncover and bring to life an area that on paper and to the untrained eye may look fairly bleak into something so deeply fascinating you walk away in awe of this very special place.

Flying Safari Namibia

Namibia may not have the natural pulls that people usually look for when thinking about a trip to Africa but, for those that have an appreciation for landscape, geography and geology, history and photography this is without doubt the place for you.

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