Exploring Africa on horseback safari


For experienced riders, nothing beats getting out in the African wilderness on horseback. This is a completely unique safari experience that allows for intimate encounters with wildlife while offering a different perspective on the natural environment. 

The sense of freedom you feel as you gallop through stunning scenery in the middle of nowhere is unparallelled. The experience is an attack on the senses – the sights, sounds and smells of Africa are all-consuming and the wind in your hair makes you feel alive. As you ride through wild acres across a landscape devoid of roads, fences, civilisation or even people, the modern world seems a million miles away and you are completely at one with nature. This is total immersion in its truest form. 

Whether you are passing through parched wilderness, lush floodplains or long, amber grass, you will be blown away by the beauty of your surroundings and the experience of viewing herds of giraffe, zebra and other plains game from their level. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, they gallop with you, a dramatic and thrilling experience beyond your imagination – and perhaps the zenith of any horseback riding safari.  

Where to go on a horseback riding safari


Botswana combines stunning landscapes and incredible game viewing with some of the most luxurious camps in southern Africa.

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Whether you're a first-time safari-goer or a seasoned traveller, a luxury safari in Kenya offers an extraordinary experience. Kenya's diverse landscapes, teeming with abundant wildlife, make it a microcosm of Africa.

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Indulging in luxury safaris in Namibia, there are moments when the landscape truly takes your breath away: along the mystical and haunting Skeleton Coast; overlooking the vast and wild Fish River Canyon; amongst the roaring sand dunes of Sossusvlei.

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South Africa

On tailor-made holidays in South Africa, you can indulge in fantastic game-viewing, vibrant cities and some of the world’s best wineries in picturesque vineyards, as well as immersing yourself in exciting cultural encounters, making your luxury holiday truly unforgettable.

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Our top horse riding safari tip

From experience, we strongly recommend ensuring you are fit enough for a horseback riding safari and can last in the saddle! It is also important to pack light and ensure you have appropriate clothing for the heat and sun.

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