Private mobile safaris


Mobile safaris are just as much about the journey as the destination. You will move with your own private camp through the African wilderness, accompanied by an incredible team of guides, chefs and porters, over several days. This enables you to explore an area properly without having a negative impact on the pristine landscapes. 

For something wild and raw, a mobile safari expedition is second to none. It is a wonderfully authentic experience that will take you back to the pioneering ‘Golden Age’ of safari. However, this is not to say that it is a back-to-basics camping. The best mobile safari camps are kitted out with comfortable beds, a well-stocked bar and sometimes a small library – all conjured up from a few vehicles. To have this level of service, while also being able to hear a hyena laugh through your tent wall, is truly special. 

An obvious advantage of this type of safari is that the location of your camp is selected depending on wildlife movement and activity. One of our favourites is the Nomad Expeditionary, which travels around northern Tanzania in pursuit of seasonal game movements. On a mobile safari, you will have access to some of the more remote corners of reserves, often where permanent structures are not permitted, enabling you to feel as if you are the last people on the planet. 

We think this is perfect for adventure seekers looking to witness a wide variety of stunning and secluded places, feel at one with nature and enjoy a real adventure in the bush.

Where to go on a mobile safari


Botswana combines stunning landscapes and incredible game viewing with some of the most luxurious camps in southern Africa.

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Whether you're a first-time safari-goer or a seasoned traveller, a luxury safari in Kenya offers an extraordinary experience. Kenya's diverse landscapes, teeming with abundant wildlife, make it a microcosm of Africa.

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A combination of luxury safaris in Tanzania and beach holidays on one of its islands is possibly one of the best travel ideas you can have, as Tanzania has a richly diverse landscape and more than a quarter of its area is protected as reserves and is committed to developing tourism sustainably.

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Little, if anything, compares to the intense thrill of seeing a leopard at close quarters on a walking safari with one of our favourite guides in the game-rich South Luangwa Valley. And that’s only the start of a luxury safari in Zambia’s appeal.

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Our top mobile safaris tip

Take a pair of binoculars for every person on your mobile safari – or check if the camp has one – so you don’t have to share. But don’t forget to put them down sometimes to live in the moment and soak in this extraordinary experience.

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