Epic flying safaris


Travel by light aircraft between camps and lodges, enjoying an incredible bird’s-eye view of the dramatic landscapes stretching beneath you. The continent is magnificent from the sky and the sheer scale of what lies beneath you will blow you away.  

There are many reasons to choose a luxury flying safari – most significantly the experience of soaring high above otherworldly landscapes, soaking in those extraordinary views. It is thrilling beyond your imagination to swoop down and glide at low levels, spotting wildlife and picking out the perfect spot to land for a cup of tea or an exploration on foot. 

In addition, this type of safari gives you the opportunity to touch down in places that are inaccessible by road and discover some of Africa’s most remote areas, such as the Skeleton Coast in Namibia or the deserts and the lakes of northern Kenya. You will also have a private plane with your own pilot and guide who will enlighten you along the way.  

We believe flying safaris would best suit adventurous travellers who are short on time and looking to maximise their trip, as you can cover a lot more ground. This is an incredibly special experience you will never forget. 

Where to go on a flying safari


Botswana combines stunning landscapes and incredible game viewing with some of the most luxurious camps in southern Africa.

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Whether you're a first-time safari-goer or a seasoned traveller, a luxury safari in Kenya offers an extraordinary experience. Kenya's diverse landscapes, teeming with abundant wildlife, make it a microcosm of Africa.

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Indulging in luxury safaris in Namibia, there are moments when the landscape truly takes your breath away: along the mystical and haunting Skeleton Coast; overlooking the vast and wild Fish River Canyon; amongst the roaring sand dunes of Sossusvlei.

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A combination of luxury safaris in Tanzania and beach holidays on one of its islands is possibly one of the best travel ideas you can have, as Tanzania has a richly diverse landscape and more than a quarter of its area is protected as reserves and is committed to developing tourism sustainably.

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Little, if anything, compares to the intense thrill of seeing a leopard at close quarters on a walking safari with one of our favourite guides in the game-rich South Luangwa Valley. And that’s only the start of a luxury safari in Zambia’s appeal.

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Our top flying safari tip

The best way to see Namibia’s isolated Skeleton Coast is on one of the Schoeman family’s flying safaris. Your private pilot-guide will swoop the aircraft over the barren coastline past old shipwrecks and endless sand dunes, before landing at your camp.

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