An executive charter with Scenic Air is the finest way to travel on safari

Helen Kirby, Destination Expert Africa + The Indian Ocean

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Helen Kirby hops onboard the Rolls Royce of the skies 

I’ve done a lot of flying on safari over the years, and for the most part, it’s an enjoyable experience that takes you from a-to-b efficiently.  On my recent trip to Kenya, however, I was fortunate enough to travel with what must be the Rolls Royce of the skies: a flight with Scenic Air Charter.

Scenic Air charter

You know something is different when you bypass the Air Kenya and Safari Link check-in entrances at Wilson Nairobi Airport and arrive at the ‘ALS’ check-in building to meet your dedicated Scenic Air Charter representative. Not only is this a much quieter and more seamless experience, but having your own aircraft at your disposal means the freedom to choose your own schedule, rather than being reliant on scheduled flight times. Our passports were whisked away while we settled in for a short wait before being called to depart.  

Once on the tarmac, we were escorted onto the red carpet to meet our lovely pilot and board an eight-seater Grand Caravan. I was hit at once by the gorgeous smell of leather and noticed how much bigger the seats were compared to standard scheduled flights. Getting comfortable wasn’t a problem at all – not only did each seat fully recline, but chatting to my travel companions wasn’t an issue either as the chairs swivelled so we could face each other.   

The pilot asked us to put our headphones on and we departed and headed for the Maasai Mara. The flight took about 45 minutes, and while on the normal scheduled flights you wouldn’t deviate from the flight plan, with Scenic, we had our own flying safari over the Sand and Mara Rivers before landing.  It was such a special introduction to the Mara and for first time visitors it would be a particularly special experience. Scenic Air pilots aren’t just highly trained at flying planes, they are trained guides of the sky and added such value to our flight. 

Scenic Air over Sand River Kenya

Scenic Air is surprisingly cost efficient, and comfortable with services to luxury safari camps, game lodges and beach destinations in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia. 

A five-star experience doesn’t have to start when you arrive at your safari lodge, with Scenic Air, the luxury adventure begins with your air transfer – you won’t be disappointed.