What makes this trip spectacular?

Peru Group Trip Highlights

Private Tour of the Inca Ruins surrounding Cusco

A private tour takes you to the Inca ruins of Sacsayhuaman which sit on the outskirts of Cusco. Built in the 13th century, this fascinating temple complex rests on the hilltop overlooking the city. The stones used in the construction of these terraces are among the largest used in any building in pre-Hispanic America. The theory is that the Cuzco as a city was originally designed in the shape of a Puma – a sacred animal and Sacsayhuamán is the Puma’s head. A truly captivating example of Incan architecture. You’ll enjoy a private picnic lunch among the ancient ruins before descending to Qenko – a site thought to be used for Incan ceremonial purposes. The afternoon follows with exclusive access to the Museum of Pre Columbian Art and a luxurious private dinner.

Exclusive access to the private chapel for dinner and opera performance

Located in the ancient refectory of a beautifully restored monastery, the evening starts with dinner at El Tupay restaurant within the Belmond Monasterio Hotel where you’ll experience exquisite international cuisine combined with locally sourced ingredients. As you take your seat and tuck into a sumptuous feast of unique flavors, Peru’s finest soprano Angela Medina will perform a collection of classical arias live before you. An evening of fine dining, a stunning performance and exquisite surrounds awaits.

Private Hike from the Pumamarca ruins to Ollantaytambo

You’ll venture into the vastness of the Sacred Valley as you take to the hills and hike to Ollantaytambo. With a private guide, you’ll take a path off the beaten track on a hike very rarely touched by tourists.

You’ll begin with a short but steep climb to Puma Marca – a well-preserved Inca ruin with incredible views across the valley towards Ollantaytambo. The hike continues down an old Inca trail along the steeply terraced valley where you’ll stop to refuel at an elegant little restaurant hidden away within the landscape. A short hike further brings you into Ollantaytambo – an old town with narrow cobbled passageways and ever-present Inca walls to explore. This is a truly breath-taking hike with endless views, unexplored and unseen by many.

The Journey You Will Take


This luxury small group tour is designed to showcase the multifaceted beauty of Peru and take guests on an exclusive immersive journey, far from the crowds.

Day By Day Itinerary

14th June

Day 1

Arrival in Peru

Welcome to Peru! On arrival there will be a driver waiting to take you to your hotel – the historic Hotel B.

Hotel B

Where you will be staying for two nights

Hotel B

One of our favourites in Peru, Hotel B is an arts-boutique hotel. Situated in Lima’s Barranco district – a bohemian neighbourhood known for its arts scene; Hotel B offers Peruvian charm with all the modern amenities. Surrounded by galleries and museums, this hotel is also host to a private collection of contemporary Latin American and Peruvian artists. A tranquil hotel – rich in character, Hotel B is a perfect introduction to Peru.

Peru Lady

15th June

Day 2

Discover Lima

The morning starts with a city tour of Lima. You’ll begin in the main square – the original site for the foundation of the city in 1535. From the plaza, stare in awe at the palatial cathedral and final resting place of Francisco Pizarro – the Spanish conquistador. As you stroll further into the city, you’ll find magnificent churches with elegant courtyards and the eerie yet fascinating catacombs – a burial place of over 25,000 souls. Next stop is to Casa Aliaga, a dazzling mansion and the oldest dwelling in the Americas. This tour is a step back in time as you discover the inspirational history of Peru’s capital.

Lunch is served at the Larco museum, followed by a private art tour within Hotel B. Expect to be greeted with a glass of bubbly by the in-house curator as you explore more than 300 pieces of stunning artwork throughout the hotel. You’ll finish at the award-winning hotel bar, where Axel Romero, the bar manager will be waiting with a selection of shakers for a private lesson in the secrets of mixology. After a busy afternoon, you’ll enjoy a delightful dinner in-house at Hotel B.

Santa Catalina

16th June

Day 3

Journey to Arequipa

Your driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the airport where you’ll take a short flight to Arequipa. After settling into your hotel, you’ll be whisked to the Santa Catalina Convent, renowned worldwide as a colonial architectural masterpiece. Why? With elegant cobblestone passageways that converge to a beautiful square, it’s as if the silence has found its voice through the bright colours of the convent’s walls, imposing facades and delicately sculpted decorative details. With such exquisite architecture, its no wonder the monastery is a standout among South America’s many lovely colonial sites.

Dinner is served at Chicha Restaurant, a delightful restaurant in Arequipa with a regional menu and local produce, you’ll finish the day indulging your tastebuds in true Peruvian cuisine.

Hotel Cirqa

Where you will be staying for one night

Hotel Cirqa

Known for its astounding design and architecture, Cirqa is artfully crafted with powerful walls, arches and columns, all made of volcanic sillar rock surrounding a delicate courtyard. The interior is simple, fresh and bright drawing in a focus to Arequipa’s ancient heritage and culture. With picanterías found in the surrounding countryside, the culinary experts at Cirqa place a modern twist on the traditional flavours and local ingredients to create both regional and international classics.

17th June

Day 4

A Day Exploring Arequipa

Soak up the culture as you explore Arequipa. Stroll through the colourful market of San Camilo with a variety of produce offered by the locals. Enter the main square – host to the incredible Cathedral which has stood dominating the city for hundreds of years. Your next stop, although sombre is truly fascinating – the museum of Andean Sanctuaries. You’ll find exhibits showing the historical Inca practice of child sacrifice. You finish the tour on a lighter note, with a short drive out of the city to the historic suburb of Yanahuara, which offers breath-taking views framed by the imposing sight of the volcanoes – Misti and Chachani.

After lunch at Hotel Cirqa, you’ll head to the train station and step aboard the luxurious Belmond Andean Explorer. As you acclimatise to the atmosphere of the train, you’ll gently begin your departure out of Arequipa. Dinner is served in the elegant dining cars, a chance to relax and savour refined Andean dishes with contemporary flair.

Where you will be staying for two nights

Belmond Andean Explorer

A railway-lover’s paradise, you’ll spend two nights on South America’s first luxury sleeper train – the Belmond Andean Explorer. As the train gathers pace through the Andes, relax and admire the serene landscape from the comfort of your private cabin. The interior is elegantly decorated with linen-covered walls, leather seating and bathrooms gracefully embellished with local stone. Meals are seasonal, skilfully designed using fresh, colourful and locally sourced ingredients then served in the elegant dining carriages. The open deck is an opportunity to unwind and breathe the fresh Andean air as the train meanders through the enchanting Peruvian landscape – the ultimate spot to relax and watch the world pass you by.

18th June

Day 5

The Beautiful Lake Titicaca

Prepare yourself for a day of awe-inspiring scenery as you explore Lake Titicaca – the highest navigable lake in the world. The lake is home to several different islands each with their own unique way of living. One of the most intriguing sights of Lake Titicaca are the Uros islands, artificially constructed of interwoven reeds which are constantly renewed by the inhabitants living on the floating island. Houses and boats are also carefully crafted from the dried weeds which require constant maintenance from the indigenous people of Uros. The way of living is one to marvel but also steadily disappearing, and tourism has become an important part of the economy, so be sure to pick up a souvenir of your Peru group trip (or two) to take home.

As evening descends, enjoy another tantalizing dinner onboard the Andean Explorer as the train continues snaking its way through the resplendent Peruvian landscape.

Andean Explorer

19th June

Day 6

The Lost City of the Incas

Wake to a delicious breakfast combined with the beautiful sunrise over La Raya. As the train slowly descends to Wanchaq station, bid farewell, and disembark. Your private driver will be waiting to take you to your next hotel. You are now in Cusco. Cusco as a city is remarkable with many of the Inca buildings dating back to the 15th century but with a unique influence from the Spanish conquistadors over time. On arrival at your hotel, take the time to unwind and rejuvenate before the evening’s dinner.

Dinner is served at the Belmond Monasterio Hotel where you’ll indulge in exquisite Peruvian-fusion cuisine. The menu is inspired from international dishes with a Peruvian twist using all locally sourced ingredients. Surrounded by elegant candlelit archways, shady cloisters and spirited live music – the Belmond sets the scene perfectly for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Palacio del Inka

Where you will be staying for three nights

Palacio del Inka

Considered a historic landmark, you’ll be staying at a five-centuries old mansion in the heart of Cusco. You’ll find stone archways, authentic Hispanic art and ornate glided antiques bringing an essence of Peruvian culture whilst maintaining world-class luxury and modern conveniences. Ideally located just minutes from the shops and museums in Cusco’s main square, this hotel is a Peruvian oasis, each room is enriched with traditional colonial décor and a colour palette evocative of local heritage. An arts hotel, with 195 pieces of artwork from pre-Inca, Inca, colonial and republican period on display – as you walk within the hotel walls, you’ll be taken on transformative journey inspired by the ancient Inca culture.

20th June

Day 7

The Inca Ruins of Sacsayhuaman

The day begins exploring Cusco – also known as the capital of the Incas. The ruins of Sacsayhuaman, built in the 13th century sit beautifully on the hilltop and overlook the city. With its great plaza and three terraced walls, you’ll spend the morning exploring this magical temple complex. The magnificent stones used in the construction were among the largest of any building in pre-Hispanic America – displaying precision cutting and fitting unlike any other. Lunch is served on the hilltop at Sacsayhuaman in a picnic style among the enchanting ancient ruins.

Your next Peru group trip stop takes you to Qenko – one of the largest sacred Inca sites in Cusco, famous for sacrifices and mummification. You’ll visit Cusco’s renaissance-style Cathedral, the ancient sun temple of Coricancha before hitting the colourful market at San Pedro – filled with exotic local produce, vibrant fruits and tasty local dishes. A delightful dinner is served at MAP café – part of the Pre-Columbian art museum.

21st June

Day 8

Adventures in Cusco

Today offers a choice of activity and a change of pace. For those feeling adventurous, you’ll head to the beautiful Urubamba River for white water rafting. Prepare for a slower start as you practice maneuverers… as anticipation builds…  so does the pace of the river as you start to navigate the rapids through the stunning canyons. With some luck, you’ll see torrent ducks and spectacular views of the surrounding peaks before stopping for a picnic lunch whilst the river continues to flow onwards through the landscape.

For those who would like to keep their feet firmly on dry land, an opportunity to participate in a private cooking class awaits. Immerse yourself in Peruvian flavours and discover regional ingredients, famous dishes and learn the history of Peruvian gastronomy. Your evening is spent with exclusive access to the chapel at the Belmond Monasterio hotel where you’ll tuck into a lavish dinner and performance by Angela Medina – Peru’s most spectacular Soprano who will perform classical arias for you.

22nd June

Day 9

Discover the Magic of the Sacred Valley

You’ll spend the day exploring the Sacred Valley. The morning starts with a variety of exciting activities as you test your balance paddleboarding along the Urubamba River. Next, you’ll have the opportunity to see the sights on two wheels as you take to the cross-country trails within the Sacred Valley for mountain biking with spectacular scenery beyond every turn. After an energetic morning, take the time to pause and enjoy a change of pace as you refuel at Mil restaurant for a late lunch.

Shortly after lunch, you’ll approach the Chinchero plain overlooking the Urubamba gorge which sits in front of the stunning views and almost appear as if they are endless. You’ll advance towards these strange circular terraces dug into enormous natural depressions in the ground. The largest is over 100 metres deep – due to the wind and sun, there can be a temperature difference of up to 13 degrees. The reason for these fascinating Inca terraces remains unknown today, although, it’s thought the site was used for growing crops not normally suited for high altitude or to experiment with crops at different climates – the mystery of this Inca site makes it even more intriguing.

Sol y Luna

Where you will be staying for three nights

Sol y Luna

Situated in the Sacred Valley, Sol y Luna is one of our favourites. With 43 casitas, surrounded by lush gardens filled with flora native to the Sacred Valley, rooms are purposely designed to face the Andes – so you are guaranteed a spectacular mountainous view to start each day. Rooms are decorated with Peruvian textiles, Sacred Valley artefacts and spacious marble bathrooms. Each casita is home to an original wall mural by artist, Federico, whose work is inspired by the Sacred Valley. There are two fine dining restaurants to choose from which offer an array of the most palatable pleasures. Surrounded by a treasure trove of historical sights, Sol y Luna is the perfect base to explore the wonders of the Incas.

23rd June

Day 10

Pumamarca to Ollantaytambo

An exciting day of activity to discover the Pumamarca ruins and Ollantaytambo. A short drive up the Patacancha Valley, as you pass colourfully dressed locals, you’ll notice the road becoming steeper. At this point, its time to finish the journey by foot as you ascend to Puma Marca – a short but steep climb to the remarkably well-preserved Inca ruin with enthralling views down the valley towards Ollantaytambo. After spending some time exploring the ruins, you’ll follow an old Inca trail towards Ollantaytambo town where a delightful lunch is waiting for you. After refuelling, the afternoon is spent at the impressive Ollantaytambo ruins with narrow cobbled passageways and towering Inca walls.

A tasting menu at Sol y Luna is served in the evening with a range of organic seasonal produce for a culinary experience that brings out even the most subtle flavours in each dish.

machu picchu

24th June

Day 11

The Wonder of Machu Picchu

Travel from your hotel to the train station where you’ll jump onboard the Belmond Hiram Bingham luxury train. As the train follows the course of the Urubamba River, witness how the scenery gradually changes from the mountain peaks of the Andes to the lush cloud forests of Machu Picchu. After a breath-taking journey through the magical Peruvian landscape, switch from train to bus as you continue your journey onwards to Machu Picchu. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, arriving at this incredible lost city is an unforgettable experience and you’ll have the full day to explore Machu Picchu in all its glory. The surrounding scenery is stunningly dramatic, with mountain peaks and impenetrable forests, it’s very easy to see how the lost city of the Incas lay untouched until 1911. You’ll return via the Belmond Hiram Bingham, where dinner is served for the return journey.

25th June

Day 12

Journey into the Amazon

Your private driver will take you from your hotel to the airport with good time to check in for your flight. You’ll fly to Puerto Maldonado, in South-eastern Peru, which lies within the Amazon Rainforest. Your driver will meet you at the airport where you’ll be whisked to your lodge deep within the Amazon, the final destination of your Peru group trip. You’ll be taken by road to begin followed by a tranquil boat ride up the Tambopata River. Spend the afternoon adjusting to your new surroundings within the depth of the jungle as you begin to discover life in the wilderness.

Refugio Amazonas

Where you will be staying for three nights

Refugio Amazonas

Refugio Amazonas lies deep within the rainforest – an oasis in the wilderness. Whilst there are perhaps slightly more luxurious hotels in the Amazon, these are often based on the very edge of the rainforest where it is impossible to feel truly immersed with nature. Refugio Amazonas is an authentic rainforest lodge which lies deep within the Amazon. Where amenities are perhaps slightly more basic than you would find closer to the edge of the jungle, Refugio Amazonas still operates at an incredibly high standard but most importantly, will be a completely unforgettable experience. Rooms open directly to the jungle – fall asleep to the sound of the rain at night and wake to the birds singing in the morning.

26th June

Day 13

A Jungle Paradise

A day to truly be at one with nature as you take to the Amazon jungle. A variety of activities are offered and plenty to keep you busy. Paddle around Lake Condenado on a Catamaran in search for wildlife such as the Hoatzin or Caiman. Climb the canopy tower for spectacular views of the vast expanses of the forest with a very good chance of spotting toucans, parrots and macaws. An opportunity to be more active awaits too with kayaking and mountain biking also an option. As the sun starts to set, make your way down to the river where you’ll enjoy private drinks with your group, overlooking the beauty of the rainforest. As darkness falls and the creatures of the night begin to wake, make your way back to the lodge for a tasteful dinner to finish the day.

27th June

Day 14

Rainforest and Wildlife

As you wake to the sounds of nature, begin the day with a hearty breakfast. A day full of activities and expeditions awaits with land-river transfers and knowledgeable guides to take you exploring into the jungle. If you prefer, spend your time at Refugio Amazonas’ fantastic wellness centre offering massages and aromatherapy. The lodge is also home to an incredible conservation initiative called Wired Amazon. A citizen science project that allows guests to collaborate with scientists, get involved and join in the identification of new species, the assessing of botany and appraising of biodiversity in the jungle. As dusk falls, be sure to spend your evening listening to the fascinating lectures from expert local guides before descending back to your room immersed in the sounds of the rainforest.

28th June

Day 15

Farewell Peru

After breakfast, your private guide will be ready to take you via boat and road to Puerto Maldonado airport with good time to catch your flight to Lima. Say your final farewells as your Peru group trip comes to an end.

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