What makes this trip spectacular?

The Highlights

Kaieteur Falls, the world’s longest single drop waterfall, Guyana Small Group Trip

Chartered flight over the Kaieteur Falls – the world’s longest single drop waterfall

Travel on a chartered flight to the breath-taking Kaieteur Falls and experience a bird’s eye view of the majestic waterfall as it plummets some 224 metres onto the rocks. This is Guyana’s landmark attraction and the world’s longest single drop waterfall. On the ground, you’ll have the opportunity to view the falls from several vantage points – as the waterfall thunders down, a magical, misty spray forms in its wake, creating perpetual rainbows that seem to chase each other across the falls.

The Kaieteur National Park is also home to numerous exotic flora and fauna, some of which can only be found in Kaietuer, including the makonaima bird or ‘Kaieteur swift’ as it’s known locally. There is also the opportunity to spot the tiny golden frog and the rare ‘cock- of-the-rock’ bird.

Iwokrama Forest Canopy Walkway

Iwokrama Forest

Situated in central Guyana is the Iwokrama Rainforest, complete with several trails and an epic canopy walkway. With four suspension bridges leading to three platforms (the highest of which is 30 metres from the ground), you can enjoy a treetop vantage point, which allows for an excellent opportunity to spot some of Guyana’s most exotic birds in their natural habitat.

Many bird species, amphibians, insects and primates make the forest their home, making the Iwokrama forest a remarkable destination for nature-lovers, birdwatchers or anyone seeking an authentic retreat into the rainforest.

caiman conservation project, Guyana Small Group Trip

Be part of a caiman conservation project

Set in the heart of the Yupukari Village is Caiman House Field Station, an education centre focused on research and conservation. Guests are welcomed into the village with open arms by the Wapishana and Makushi, indigenous peoples who are working together to oversee community-led development initiatives, including the Black Caiman Conservation Project. From the safety of a separate boat, you’ll witness the indigenous crew search and capture black caiman on the river, then join them to assist with data collection – think weight, measurement and sex – before the reptile is lovingly released back into its natural habitat.

The Journey You Will Take


This 12-day expedition begins in the capital city of Georgetown, which makes for an exciting gateway before heading out to revel in Guyana's natural treasures

Day By Day Itinerary

Victoria Amazonica, The National Plant of Guyana

17th April

Day 1

Arrival in Georgetown 

Welcome to Guyana! On your arrival there will be a driver waiting to take you to Cara Lodge, a hotel that was once home to the first Lord Mayor of Georgetown.

Cara Lodge Exterior

Where You Will Be Staying For Two Nights

Cara Lodge

Built in the 1840s, Cara Lodge is one of the oldest and grandest structures in Georgetown, famous for welcoming international dignitaries such as King Edward VIII and President Jimmy Carter. Not only is this boutique hotel rich in tradition and nostalgia, but it also offers a supreme comfort level and the premium service one would expect from an international luxury hotel.

Delven Adams, Local Chef in Guyana

18th April

Day 2

Discover Georgetown 

Your introduction to Guyana starts with food. Enjoy a morning tour of the markets with your host for the day, chef Delven Adams. From fabulous fish and meat to exotic fruit and vegetables, he will gather ingredients that you would like to try. Then, as you continue your tour of the city with a guide, he will head to his kitchen to prepare lunch.

After lunch in his famous Backyard Café, you’ll visit the Botanical gardens and wildlife rehabilitation centre, with a chance to meet and feed endangered West Indian manatees.

In the early evening, you will take to the Demerara River for evening drinks and snacks.

Kaieteur Falls Aerial View, the world’s longest single drop waterfall, Guyana Small Group Trip

19th April

Day 3

Kaieteur Falls & Rewa Community

The world’s tallest single drop waterfall is simply spectacular. You will travel in a chartered aircraft to view the majestic falls before moving on to Apoteri. A 20-minute river trip along the Rupununi River leads to the Rewa community, keep your eyes open for giant otters and colourful birdlife along the way.

This will be your first night in the interior of the country, staying in an eco-lodge on the edge of the river surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of the forest.

Rewa Eco Lodge

Where you will be staying for two nights

Rewa Ecolodge

The Rewa village community constructed this ecolodge in 2005 to establish a sustainable ecotourism business owned and operated by its people. The gorgeous riverside location is the ideal spot in which to relax and get a taste for local culture and the community, who pride themselves on exceptional service.

Rupununi River

20th April

Day 4

Rupununi River & Wildlife

Early this morning you will take to the Rupununi River with your guide, then hike up Awarmie Mountain looking out for a variety of birds and Black Spider Monkeys. Once at the top you’ll enjoy spectacular views, including a look at the oldest mountain in South America – Makarapan.

In the afternoon, you’ll travel further up the river discovering beautiful lakes, rock formations and sandbanks, as well as a variety of wildlife.

Iwokrama Canopy Highway

21st April

Day 5

Venture along the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway

After breakfast, you’ll head on to your next adventure in the Iwokrama Forest. On a guided rainforest walk you’ll learn about the medicinal uses of native plants, as well as enjoy an opportunity to spot Guyana’s ‘must see’ birds.

The next couple of nights will be spent in the beautiful Atta Rainforest Lodge, which boasts the sensational Iwokrama Canopy Walkway. Feeling brave? Take a walk across the four suspension bridges, elevated up to 30 metres above the ground.

Atta Rainforest Lodge

Where you will be staying for two nights

Atta Rainforest Lodge

Atta Rainforest Lodge places guests at one with the wild thanks to its stunning rainforest location. Hammocks and outdoor benches adorn the beautiful gardens, home to fabulous heliconias that attract more than 10 different types of hummingbirds. Expect warm Amerindian hospitality and delicious homecooked meals.

Red and Green Macaw, Tropical Birdlife in the Guyana Rainforest

22nd April 

Day 6

Explore Iwokrama Forest

You’ll be up extra early this morning to return to the canopy for birdwatching.  From the tree top vantage point, you’ll be able to spot a host of different birds as the sun rises over the beautiful rainforest landscape around you.

Iwokrama Forest has a variety of different trails where you can take the time to explore and observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Then, as darkness falls, you can join the guides on a night walk, with the possibility to spot one of Guyana’s big cats roaming the rainforest.

the indigenous community of Surama, Guyana

23rd April

Day 7

Head to Surama & Burro Burro River 

After saying goodbye, you’ll be whisked to our next stop – the indigenous community of Surama – located in the heart of Guyana. You will be staying in the Surama Eco Lodge, which is owned by the community.

Once settled, you’ll be guided across the savannah to the Burro Burro, where your guides will paddle you down the river while enlightening you on the rich local wildlife. You’ll be taken to an active harpy nest, on the lookout for the near-threatened Harpy Eagle (one of the largest eagles in the world), which fortunately still finds refuge in Guyana.

Surama Eco Lodge, Guyana

Where you’ll be staying for one night

Surama Ecolodge

Set amongst savannah and ringed by the Pakaraima Mountains, Surama Ecolodge is the perfect place to learn about Amerindian culture while exploring the pristine rainforest. Profits from the lodge go directly to the village council, who decide how they will be best spent to benefit the whole community.

Giant River Otters in the Rupununi River

24th April

Day 8

Journey to Aranaputa & Karanambu

Get ready for an active day of sightseeing. Visit the village of Aranaputa and the community-operated peanut butter factory. From there, you will continue on for an authentic home-cooked lunch, listening to the fascinating stories of local character and host, Charlie De Freitas.

After lunch, you’ll make your way up the Rupununi River to Karanambu, a region rich in history that’s home to more than 600 species of bird and 200 mammals. At dusk, you’ll be taken by boat to look for wild giant river otters; on your return, you’ll be on the lookout for the creatures of the night.

Come nightfall, after a busy day, be sure to make use of the hammock on your veranda at Karanambu Lodge.

Karanambu Lodge

Where you will be staying for two nights

Karanambu Lodge

We love this lodge as it’s situated in a conservation area, making it the perfect place to spot some of Guyana’s most endangered wildlife species. Accommodation is in traditional clay and brick cabins, each with an ensuite and a veranda, which makes for an enchanting and authentic stay.

Family of Giant Anteaters in the Karanambu Grasslands, Guyana

25th April 

Day 9

Explore Karanambu and Wildlife

You’ll be up early this morning to visit an area of rolling grasslands, home to a population of giant anteaters. These fascinating animals excavate their breakfast from one of the termite mounds that studs the savannah.

The afternoon will be spent enjoying the beautiful rainforest landscape before embarking on an evening river excursion to look for more species of birds and wildlife. A feature bird of the area is the agami heron, which resides along the river.

Caiman, Guyana

26th April

Day 10

Participate in Caiman Conservation

After breakfast, you’ll transfer upriver by motorized boat to the Caiman House Field Station and Guest House, which focuses on research and conservation projects along the Rupununi River. As a guest, you’ll have the unique opportunity to support and participate in an ongoing field study of the black caiman.

You will accompany the crew as they search for the black caiman and observe the capture from a separate boat. You will then be given the opportunity to assist with the data collection and witness the animal’s release back into the river.

Caiman House

Where you will be staying for one night

Caiman House

Caiman House is a one-of-a-kind lodge situated in the heart of Yupukari Village. Made up of comfortable guest rooms that boast open decks dotted with hammocks, it’s perfect for evenings spent immersed in nature.

Where You Will Be Staying For Two Nights

Cara Lodge

You’ll be back at Cara Lodge for the next two nights – our firm favourite in Georgetown.

St. George's Cathedral Georgetown in Guyana

27th April

Day 11

Discover Guyana’s Culture

Get ready for another early morning rise, this time on an excursion to Awariku Lake for bird and wildlife spotting, escorted by skilled guides.

Following the early morning adventure on the lake, you’ll be escorted to the airport to catch your flight to Georgetown.

On arrival, you’ll meet with a local guest speaker who will provide a presentation on Guyanese culture before enjoying a silver service Heritage Dinner in the historical Ballet Room of Cara Lodge.

Collecting vegetables at Bourda market, Guyana

28th April

Day 12

Discover Guyana’s Cuisine 

You will be up before dawn to travel to the Mahaica River, an excellent opportunity to spot Guyana’s national bird – the Hoatzin.

The afternoon will be spent at Bourda market collecting vegetables to make the seven curries you’ll be enjoying later in the afternoon. You’ll have the unique opportunity to visit a secret garden where you will be taken through the process of how each curry is made, learning special techniques from Eon John, the singing chef. Once prepared, you will sit under a gazebo to enjoy a delicious feast.

Your evening will finish with a private concert by Eon, who will entertain you with lovingly crafted Guyanese songs.

Guyana, Small Group Travel

29th April

Day 13

Farewell Guyana

Your friendly driver will pick you up and transfer you to the airport for the return flight home.

Meet Your Host

Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell

Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell

Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell is the Co-Owner + Director of cazenove+loyd. He is extremely well travelled and has led several very successful small group trips, including a private boat charter on the Irrawaddy in Myanmar and another private boat journey along the Mekong from Vietnam to Cambodia. His experience and knowledge of our destinations make him a wonderful, entertaining host and travel companion, full of inspiring stories and amusing anecdotes. Guyana is a particularly exciting trip for him to lead having set up the South American division of c+l 25 years ago.

Christopher meticulously refines every itinerary, ensuring that his guests are introduced to the country in the best way possible- travel in Guyana particularly lends itself to this with good lodges and guides few and far between. He believes that every trip should form memories that last a lifetime, which means enjoying experiences that are truly unforgettable, meeting top specialist guides along the way and seeing a side of a place that others cannot usually access.

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£8,278/ $10,100

Per person based on two sharing . Single supplement: £2,194/ $2,677

  • Accommodation, tours, transportation, and transfers as set out in the above itinerary
  • Breakfast Lunch and Dinner (excluding arrival and departure days, dinner on Day 02 and lunch on Day 11)
  • Limited local bar at Karanambu Lodge
  • Activities as described
  • Local guides
  • VAT
  • Kaieteur National Park fee
  • Iwokrama Forest User Fee
  • Iwokrama Canopy Walkway fee
  • Guide from Day 01 to Day 13
  • International Flights
  • Weight limit for domestic flights is 15kg with excess at approx. $4/kg
  • Alcohol unless specifically stated as included
  • Anything stated to be optional
  • Telephone, laundry, or any personal items
  • Travel insurance
  • Entrance fees where you are not travelling with our guide
  • Any surcharge levied on payment by Credit Cards
  • Any changes you may choose to make during your holiday
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We work in some of the most ecologically and culturally sensitive parts of the world, so have always been conscious of operating in a way that has a positive impact on both the environment and the people. 

When you join one of our Small Group Trips, we will make a contribution on your behalf to one of the following charities: All About the Light Foundation in Africa, ABOUTAsia Travel & Schools in Cambodia, the Alalay Foundation in Bolivia and Scott Polar Research Institute in the Polar Regions. 

If you are interested, we are always keen to get clients involved in local projects and conservation efforts. Whether it be whale counting in Antarctica or rhino relocation in Kenya, you will leave knowing your actions have made a difference. 

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17th to 29th April 2024



£8,278 / $10,100

Per person based on two sharing. Single supplement cost applies.