Luxury Greenland Itinerary

Greenland & The Northwest Passage: Following Footsteps in History

Experience the raw beauty of the Arctic wilderness, where towering glaciers meet crystalline waters, and witness the mesmerizing sight of polar wildlife. This extraordinary journey promises unparalleled adventure and unforgettable encounters with the Arctic’s wonders.

Our Northwest Passage and Greenland itinerary circles around mountainous icebergs, charming fjords and some of the most active glaciers in the world in an area that is ice-bound for much of the year. This region is a haven for wildlife like muskoxen, reindeer, arctic foxes, gyrfalcons, polar bears and the nutrient-rich waters of Lancaster Sound are home to harp, ringed and bearded seals, bowhead whales, beluga and narwhals.

Following our Greenland itinerary, along the way you’ll journey by Zodiac to a traditional Inuit community, marvel at the glistening icebergs cracking and calving spectacularly off glaciers into the meltwater. The spectacles keep coming as you gaze up at the vertiginous cliffs of Prince Leopold Island filled with nesting birdlife and follow in the wake of early explorers. And of course, you’ll get to see polar bears, and be enchanted by a blessing of narwhal diving around you, then glimpse long white tusks break the icy arctic waters, and discover landscapes decorated with arctic willow and purple saxifrage.

This voyage takes you to a region visited by some of history’s greatest explorers, from John Franklin to James Ross and Roald Amundsen. One can only imagine their reactions to seeing this incredible landscape for the first time. Now it’s your turn to follow in the footsteps of history and behold this icy wonderland.




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17 days


16 hours from London
14 hours mins from NYC


Danish Krone



Where you'll go
Beechey island part of our Greenland itinerary

Beechey Island

Polar bear

Bylot Island

Lancaster Sound an arctic wilderness experience

Lancaster Sound

Devon island: Greenland itinerary

Devon Island

King William island part of Northwest Passage and Greenland itinerary

King William Island

Cambridge bay aerial view

Cambridge Bay

Resolute Greenland itinerary


Prince Leopold Island

Prince Leopold Island

Fort Ross

Fort Ross

Baffin island from our Greenland itinerary

Baffin Island

Ellesmere Island




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Greenland is home to the second-largest ice sheet in the world, after Antarctica. This massive ice sheet contains about 10% of the world’s freshwater reserves and plays a crucial role in global climate and sea level regulation.

The itinerary

Sir John Franklin sites & history

Embarking on a cruise through Greenland and the Northwest Passage is a historical odyssey of unparalleled proportions. Sailing the same waters as legendary explorers, passengers delve into the rich legacy of Sir John Franklin. Expert guides unveil the mysteries of Franklin’s ill-fated expedition, exploring poignant sites where history was made and lost. Amidst Arctic splendour, the voyage becomes a living testament to the enduring spirit of exploration and the thrill of discovering centuries-old secrets.

Wildlife including potential polar bears & narwhal

Embark on a thrilling cruise around Greenland and the Northwest Passage, where the Arctic’s untamed beauty comes to life. Witness the majesty of polar bears prowling icy shores and the elusive narwhals gracefully navigating Arctic waters. Amidst breathtaking glaciers, seabird colonies, and rugged landscapes, this expedition offers a front-row seat to nature’s wonders. Encounter walruses, seals, and a myriad of seabird species, creating an unforgettable wildlife spectacle in the heart of the Arctic wilderness.

Specialist guides

Crews include a team of seasoned expedition guides, as well as expert speakers and lecturers, offering outstanding staff-to-guest ratios to deliver the highest standards of attentive personal service. Even when guides aren’t actively leading expeditions or giving talks, they’re always available to answer any questions you might have.

Community visits in Greenland and Nunavut

Visit museums featuring Greenlandic Inuit artifacts, and areas such as Sisimiut, inhabited for more than 4,500 years by the Inuit, Dorset and Thule people. In Qikiqtarjuaqis, the town’s Inuit culture and traditions are still alive, making it a unique and immersive experience for visitors. The rugged landscape and pristine wilderness offer endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, but what truly sets Qikiqtarjuaq apart is the warmth and hospitality of its people, who welcome visitors with open arms and share their rich history and traditions with pride.

Icebergs and whales of Disko Bay

Sailing through the iceberg capital of the world to Disko Bay, you’ll visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Icefjord and see the massive Sermeq Kujalleq glacier, nearly 66,000 football fields wide. Then hike along the World Heritage Trail boardwalk and discover amazing views of the icefjord and possibly some wildlife encounters. At the Fjord Centre, learn about the cycle of the ice, the abundant wildlife around the icefjord and the human existence in the area throughout thousands of years.

Spectacular scenery of Bylot Island

Nestled in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Bylot Island stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur. Its rugged mountains, carved by ancient glaciers, pierce the Arctic sky, their peaks dusted with perpetual snow. Dramatic fjords cut through the land, leading to pristine bays adorned with colossal icebergs. The island’s tundra showcases a vibrant tapestry of Arctic flora, blooming in the brief summer. Bylot Island is not just a place; it’s a symphony of ice, rock, and life, captivating all who are fortunate enough to witness its awe-inspiring spectacle.

The itinerary


Where to stay

Nothing but the best. On this suggested Greenland itinerary these are our handpicked, tried-and-tested choices.

SH Vega, Expedition Trip

Named after the first ship to cross the Arctic Northeast Passage, journeys to remote polar regions with style and finesse.

Featuring elegant, Scandi-inspired design and state-of-the-art technology that allows the ship to remain in place without having to drop anchor on fragile sea beds, the 152-passenger boutique vessel features three dining venues, a 360-degree viewing platform at the bow and spacious cabins including six suites. Facilities include 12 Zodiacs, kayaks, a small spa, a gym, infinity pool, sauna with a view and large jacuzzi, while the ships’ small size enables it to make landings that bigger ships cannot.


Ultramarine, Expedition Ship

Ultramarine, a ship designed for boundless exploration in the polar realms, ushers in a new chapter of luxury adventure. From its spa-like accommodations to its panoramic observation lounge, every detail amplifies the thrill of polar expeditions.

Guided by a commitment to environmental responsibility, Ultramarine ensures minimal impact while maximising awe-inspiring experiences. Whether sailing through the labyrinthine fjords of the Arctic or encountering Antarctica's untouched landscapes, the ship promises an intimate and indulgent journey into these remote frontiers.

Le Commandant Charcot

Commandant Charcot, Expedition Ship

Le Commandant Charcot - the very first luxury hybrid electric polar exploration ship powered by liquified natural gas, is the epitome of a more responsible and sustainable sailing.

Named after the pioneering French explorer, it is equipped with advanced technology, luxurious accommodations, gourmet dining and panoramic observation decks for a truly opulent journey amid the ice. From the dazzling landscapes of Antarctica to the mysteries of the Arctic, the ship enables adventurers to delve into untouched frontiers in a style that fuses comfort with conservation.


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