In a world high on energy, but short on time, trip-combining has become the intelligent way to travel. More and more travellers choose to go on multi centre holidays when they travel to the Maldives. So why not pair a holiday to the Maldives with one of the following destinations? The Maldives works perfectly with another destination tagged on to it – not least because of its far-flung location and (while glorious) one-note mentality. Besides, all great travel is about contrast: relaxation blended with exhilaration. So why not pair a holiday to the Maldives with one of the following extraordinary destinations?

travel to Sri Lanka and the Maldives


Due to its relative proximity to the scattering of islands, Sri Lanka is an obvious choice for pairing with the Maldives. After a night or two in the capital Colombo, zip up to the lush Cultural Triangle to explore the ancient ruins of the lakeside city Pollonaruwa and to climb the rock fortress of Sigiriya, with its astonishing panoramic views. Undeniably, the south-west coast of the island has some great beaches and a welcome hippy feel, but, with your next stop being an archipelago that boasts the best beaches in the world, it’s better to spend your time discovering the myriad of other things Sri Lanka has to offer, from the rolling tea plantations of the Kotmale Valley, to the pretty peaceful town of Kandy and the fantastic shopping in Galle. Yes, you’ll be ready to flop by the time you reach your island resort, but then that’s the idea, isn’t it?

Rajasthan and the Maldives


A twin-centre holiday in Rajasthan and the Maldives is a thrilling combination of two worlds apart. Organised expertly, a trip to the majestic Rajasthan is the quintessential Indian experience, with its kaleidoscope of colours, swirling crowds, tempting street food and exhilarating sights. The danger can be racing from city to city to see the main tourist attractions, without getting a real sense of the place, a particular risk when you’re on a timer until your flight to the Maldives leaves (via Bangalore). We say, don’t cast your net too wide and cover less, but more inspiring, ground. With the help of expert private guides, explore the rural gems of the region and leave with your mind ever so slightly altered.

Dubai and the Maldives


First things first: an extended stopover in Dubai can ease the pain of being stuck in a hurtling tin can for the best part of a day. And a couple of nights in the supersonic city not only breaks up your journey but gives you the chance to enjoy some gold-dipped glitz before the barefoot luxury of the Maldives. Stay up in the Burj Al Arab, which is the last word in decadent hotels, boasting seven stars. However, a trip to Dubai doesn’t have to be all air-conditioned shopping malls and man-made beaches. For those after a more cultural experience trips further into the country to mud-house villages reveal a world set apart from those soaring buildings.


A heady stopover in Oman before you hit the beach is guaranteed to captivate your imagination. An historic land renowned for its warm hospitality and old eastern imperial culture, expect dramatic scenery peppered with forts and oases, magnificent deserts, rugged mountain ranges and world-class diving. A relatively small country, Oman, is a perfect place to visit during your Maldives multi centre holidays. It is easy to enjoy the best of Oman in a relatively short period of time; one could easily combine some time in capital, Muscat, with a tented experience in the desert. Forget roughing it, these private luxury encampments are a world of their own in the wilderness, which allow guests to lose themselves in nature. After some adventure? We can arrange expertly guided canyoning excursions in the wadis and trekking expeditions in the mountains, as well as extensive trips deep into the Empty Quarter, supported by 4×4s and mobile tented camps.


From the painted temples of Tamil Nadu to the natural riches of Karnataka, where jungle-clad hill country is dotted with rice paddies, coconut palms and banana plantations, the southern states are some of India’s most intriguing regions. Plan your Maldives multi centre holidays with a southern Indian escape and we will ensure you experience a true sense of place in an authentic ‘homestay’, where you will be hosted by a local family in their private residence. We work with only the finest of these charming, boutique hotels and our experts will be sure to choose the right one for you, amplified by a variety of engaging cultural outings and experiences. At heritage homestay, The Bangala, in Chettinad, for example, we love to arrange cooking lessons for our clients, under the tutelage of its renowned chefs.

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