About Caroline

I’ve spent most of my adult life striving to reach the far corners of the world, spending time on all seven continents. I was born in the UK, but I’m half Polish, so my travels started at a very early age, crossing Europe and even passing the Berlin Wall as a baby. I lived in Chile for a year, where I was able to pursue my interest in adventure sports – kayaking, rafting, horse-riding and skiing – whilst mastering Spanish. My first voyage to Antarctica won a special place in my heart, and my continued obsession with the area led me to train as an Expedition Guide for the Polar Regions. I love talking to clients about the incredible places I have explored and finding the perfect options for them to have an extraordinary holiday experience.

Just returned from…

The Galápagos Islands

I first visited the islands 13 years ago and had forgotten just how bold and curious the indigenous wildlife is. Snorkeling with rays, turtles and sealion pups nibbling at my flippers was such fun, and sailing through the barren yet beautiful volcanic landscapes, with sunrise and sunset in a different spot each day was incredible. I also loved hiking on the islands, stepping over sea lions and iguanas, while learning about early settlers and the theory of evolution from fascinating local guides. It’s truly a destination everyone should visit. 



It won’t be my first rodeo in the White Continent, but it’s my favourite destination in the world, so I cannot wait to return. Antarctica is like no other place on the planet. The only humans around are the people on your expedition vessel, so you are outnumbered by thousands of penguins strutting along their highways and icebergs bobbing past the ship. I’m hoping for more magical whale encounters; spotting humpbacks and orcas would be a real highlight, and I’m always keen to learn more about explorers’ past and their adventures.

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