Memories from Mendoza


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Written by Bob + Karen Shapiro

Whoever thought that hiking in the Andes Mountains paired so well with wine tasting in a Malbec vineyard? Throw in Argentinian BBQ beef, slow roasted all day over an open flame and you have a vacation in Mendoza, Argentina.

Memories from Mendoza

We started out with a hike in the Andes. Our original trek was up to 9,000 feet but “being of a certain age” we opted for a lower altitude, more relaxing hike around a lake in the foothills. Our guide, a professional mountain climber who had summited Aconcagua ten times, told us stories of his experiences and provided enough information for us to know that we would never climb that or any other mountain!!

Memories from Mendoza

Our visit to the vineyards included a five course lunch featuring wine pairings. For someone who is not a skilled sommelier this was a great way to learn and understand each wines unique characteristics. My palate went to the simple, less complex varieties although my daughter told me I should always look for “a hint of leather.” She is not a sommelier either!

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