The family villa or yacht charter can be hard to beat, but why not transport that same concept somewhere altogether more wild and wonderful?

A family holiday should be a highlight of your year. It offers the chance to take stock, relax and – over time – create a flicker book of precious memories. One cannot underestimate that simple contented feeling of having your whole brood all under one roof, playing games, with little to worry about other than what book you might delve into next.

As time rolls on the value of a family holiday only increases, and they become touchstones of younger years. ‘Remember that deserted pink-sand beach in 2012′ or ‘remember Ati our hilarious guide in 2009′: little moments from trips work their way into every family’s individual lexicon meaning that they stay with you for years after your return.

Family cycling holiday

Yes, the family villa or yacht charter can be hard to beat, but why not transport that same concept somewhere further afield? Chartering a yacht or staying in a private house in Latin America, Africa or Asia is a great way of experiencing an exotic destination, but with the comfort, privacy and ease of a European holiday. You have all the luxury and mod-cons of the classic villa or private yacht, but in somewhere altogether more wild and wonderful.

Africa quad biking

Stay in a private villa in Paraty in Brazil for example and you can be within strolling distance of your own secret waterfall and enjoy your own stretch of private beach.  Or why not stay in a private house in the heart of the Galápagos Islands, where you can paddle board in exclusive areas most visitors can’t access.

Luxury villa in The Galápagos

The stunning yachts and houses we select for our clients have all the trimmings you would find in their best European counterparts, but with that added magic of experiencing a completely different way of life. There are also myriad benefits of taking your children further afield at an early age as it exposes them to new and exciting cultures, people and makes their worlds much larger.

Holi Festival in India with your family

With cazenove+loyd it is not just about where you stay but the experiences that go with it. The magnificent Amazon River, the mighty Mekong or the wildlife-rich Komodo Islands – we can open up the world’s most incredible rivers to you in the most inspiring way.

Family holiday to Komodo Island in Indonesia with cazenove+loyd

Our unrivalled insight and knowledge of the destinations we specialise in means that taking that step to take your family holiday further afield is much easier and we are with you every step of the way.

Travelling with us in the safe hands of our Destination Experts takes the stress out of having to organise anything yourself. And through our meticulous planning, you will enjoy a seamless holiday that is perfectly tailored to you.

Family holiday to Huab in Namibia with cazenove+loyd

Chartering a boat or staying in a private villa is also perfect for a special family celebration – a cross-generational holiday that deserves something out of the ordinary and completely electrifying, which we can organise every single detail of.

The possibilities are endless…


We are fully independent, so our only concern when choosing a private villa or yacht is what is right for you and your family. Our Destination Experts have visited these stunning residences and boats, so after getting to know you and your family’s needs, they can advise on location and taste, as well as arrange a host of unforgettable activities and surprises once you are there.

Family Safari at Governors Camp in Africa with cazenove+loyd

We work with a very select number of homeowners and those owners tend not to work with anyone other than cazenove+loyd. Often the houses are private residences, which means that every small detail and fitting has been carefully thought out and beautifully finished.

Nettleton Family Villa in South Africa

Our extensive knowledge of our three regions means that we know exactly what is required to make your yacht or villa holiday as seamless as it would be closer to home. A truly inspiring holiday needs extensive pre-planning and the understanding of the cultural nuances of a place and this is where we really deliver. Each day should feel as extraordinary as the place you are in and we make sure that it does.

What we look for in a private yacht charter is a knowledgeable captain, a great chef, but most importantly a great guide to bring it all to life  – because for any extraordinary destination to be fully felt in technicolour it needs to be brought to life by a team with the perfect balance of passion, charisma, and professionalism.

Indonesia yacht

If you want to make the most out of a stay in a private house or a private yacht charter in our destinations, you need to have our insight and knowledge to make the holiday a success from start to finish, as a great holiday is as much about what you experience as where you stay.

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