The Best places to travel in February and March

Below, our team of experts has handpicked a list of incredible countries, which are all easy to reach and fantastic to experience between in February and March.


Best places to travel in February and March, villa Costa Rica



Home to half a million species residing in dense and lush jungles, Costa Rica is a nature lover’s nirvana. In February and March, the days are dry and bright, making it a brilliant time for enjoying jungle adventures, relaxing on palm-fringed beaches or wildlife spotting. In this season, animals and birds do not need to shelter from the rains, so you are likely to catch sight of colourful birds, howler monkeys and sloths at the very least. Moreover, in late February or March, you may be lucky enough to witness leatherback turtles nesting on the Pacific Coast.


Costa Rica’s landscapes provide an awe-inspiring setting for outdoor adventures, such as hikes, white-water rafting and ziplining.


“One of my favourite experiences in Costa Rica was at Playa Cativo Lodge in the Golfo Dulce,” says one of our Latin America experts. “With large mangrove areas and many rivers flowing into the gulf from the surrounding rainforests, the ocean here is rich in minerals, which provides a healthy food source for spinner, bottlenose and spotted dolphins. During the day, we set out by boat and witnessed hundreds of dolphins dancing in the waves. In the evening, a surprise dinner was set up in the jungle, surrounded by the sounds of tree frogs, night birds and lapping waves. Afterwards, we strolled down to the beach to experience the bioluminescence natural phenomenon. Drifting along in a kayak, the water sparkled with every movement of the paddle. It was truly amazing.”


Morocco is due to open at the end of January, and by February and March, the weather is warming up and the spring days are sunny but not too hot, making it an excellent time of year for exploring the medieval medinas of Fez and Marrakech or trekking in the Atlas Mountains. In this season, the snow remains in the highest peaks, but the forests are verdant and the foothills bloom with wildflowers.

We have the inside track on the best places to stay – from amazing private villas to charming riads and beautiful boutique hotels – and will help you select the right one for you.



These months are a brilliant time to enjoy Brazil in its prime. With the world-famous Rio Carnival taking place in February or early March, there is a sense of fiesta and energy in the air.


The weather is also wonderfully hot at this time of year, making it a brilliant time to go to the tropical beaches of Bahia, which has 1,000km of wild, empty coastline in the north-east of Brazil. We think the best place to stay here is Txai Resort Itacaré, a secluded retreat on Itacarezinho Beach and backed by rainforest. We also recommend heading to the sleepy former fishing village of Trancoso, home to huge beaches, boutiques and restaurants, as well as the capital of Bahia, Salvador de Bahia. This cultural blend of Portuguese, African and Brazilian influences is one of Brazil’s most exciting cities.

Best places to travel in February and March, wildlife in Mara, Kenya



Where better to escape than Africa, with its glorious, wide-open landscapes, incredible wildlife and seemingly endless space? From the Masai Mara’s vast savannah to the white beaches that fringe the Indian Ocean, Kenya’s diversity will reward any traveller. We select mostly owner-run lodges, camps and houses that lie in awe-inspiring areas, offering an authentic, sustainable, comfortable and memorable experience. We also know the best private houses if you are looking for total isolation.


Between February and April is a very good time of year to travel here. The savannah grasses are shorter, so spotting wildlife is easier and animals tend to congregate around shrinking waterholes. It is a particularly exciting time in the Masai Mara as the predators emerge to stalk young plains game and birding is at its best in both the Mara and Laikipia.


The dry season – between December and April – is a wonderful time to travel to Mexico, as there is little rain, and the weather is warm and not too hot. This time of the year is the perfect time to explore some of the awe-inspiring Mayan temples and Aztec pyramids, stroll around vibrant markets in charming colonial towns or enjoy the stunning beaches of the Pacific or Caribbean coasts.

Between December and March, we can arrange for you to go whale-watching on the Pacific coast or swimming with whale sharks in Los Cabos, an unbelievable experience. We know the best places to stay in every region, whether you are looking for an idyllic boutique hotel, a characterful hacienda or an incredible private house.

“Jordan far exceeded my expectations,” says Auriole Potter, one of our Asia + the Middle East Destination Experts. “One of the many reasons to visit is the chance to explore such varied destinations within the country in a relatively short period of time. From the bustling city of Amman to the wide-open desert landscapes in Wadi Rum, Jordan is certainly a land of contrasts.”


This is a wonderful time to be in the enchanting kingdom of Jordan, particularly in March when the weather is lovely, warm and sunny. This Middle Eastern country makes for a brilliant winter sun destination, whether you are looking for adventure, culture or relaxation.

We will craft the perfect itinerary for you, depending on your interests and requirements. Our Jordanian guides are unparalleled and will ensure you experience the best of the country away from the crowds. “On our recent visit, the ancient cities of Jerash and Petra were expertly brought to life by our fantastic guide and a few days relaxing at the Dead Sea was the perfect way to end the trip,” recalls Auriole.

We can also arrange incredible private access to both the highlights and the more far-flung, less-visited treasures, and adventures such as canyoning in Wadi Mujib, the lowest nature reserve on earth, or mountain biking past goat herds and through olive groves and vineyards to the Dead Sea.



The best time to travel to this corner of Central America is between December and mid-April when the days are dry and temperate. Guatemala and Belize are easy to combine and there is plenty to do in these two countries – from discovering ancient cities buried in the jungle, climbing dramatic volcanoes and wandering around buzzing markets to lazing on picturesque Caribbean beaches.


Guatemala is famous for its beautiful colonial cities, such as Antigua, and amazing ruins, such as Tikal and the lesser-known Uaxactún, which dates back further than any other Mayan city. We can recommend the country’s best places to stay, from a gorgeous retreat on the shores of Lake Atitlán or a private camp near Uaxactún.


Following a week or so in Guatemala, we suggest escaping to the Placencia Peninsula on Belize’s coast to soak up the sun, enjoy the laid-back Caribbean vibe or go scuba-diving to spot some of the amazing marine life that resides in these warm waters.


This time of year you are likely to view some enthralling predator-prey interactions, which will have you transfixed. We know the best camps and lodges to use as your bush home as well as the best guides to open your eyes to the wonders of animal behaviour and wildlife here.

For some rejuvenating post-safari relaxation, we recommend finishing your Tanzanian adventure with some beach time. There are many fabulous options to choose from both on the mainland coast and on islands dotted off the Indian Ocean shores, but one of our favourites must be Fanjove, a stunning private island in the Songo Songo Archipelago.

“One of our favourite islands, Vakkaru, in the Baa Atoll, offers the most incredible, rejuvenating wellness experience in their over-water spa,” says Asia + the Middle East expert, Venetia Stanley. “Each guest is given a bespoke programme, depending on what area they would like to focus on – from aromatherapy, skin and circulation or immune system-boosting treatments to meditation on the most amazing yoga deck overlooking the lagoon. This is the most memorable and uplifting experience – particularly special in the world we are currently living in!”



If you are looking for utter seclusion and paradise isles, nothing beats the powdery beaches, turquoise waters and vibrant coral reefs of the Maldives. Each awe-inspiring retreat is its own private island, with its own allure, and our Destination Experts know them back to front so can select the right one for you.


There are many unforgettable experiences you can enjoy in the Maldives, such as a surprise picnic on an uninhabited isle, stargazing with an astronomist or a diving expedition with a marine specialist or conservationist. Between December and April is the driest time of year, which makes the visibility excellent for snorkelling and scuba-diving.


Home to eight of the 10 highest mountains, remote villages, palaces, temples and medieval towns, this tiny kingdom is utterly captivating. Its blend of Hinduism and Buddhism also makes it culturally and spiritually fascinating.

In Nepal, we can arrange for you to explore magnificent monasteries, trek in spectacular landscapes, camp in the wilderness and enjoy rejuvenating experiences. In our opinion, spring is the best time to be in the Nepalese Himalaya, with rhododendrons and other flora and fauna in full bloom, plenty of migratory birds and longer days.

“You can do as much or little as you like here…Turks + Caicos offers some of the best snorkelling and scuba-diving in the world, with colourful reefs and spectacular coral walls and drop-offs. We can also arrange special picnics on the beach, private catamaran cruises, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding expeditions through the mangroves and island-hopping adventures.”



With their diverse marine flora and fauna and fabulous places to stay, these far-flung isles are perfect for couples, families and groups of friends who are looking to get away from it all. We will recommend the best hideaway for you, such as Amanyara, on the north coast of Providenciales, or COMO Parrot Cay, set on its own private island and with lovely beach villas and houses with their own butlers, pools and direct access to the chalk-white beach.


Between February and April is a wonderful time to be here, as the weather is lovely and sunny but not too humid. The islands are famously laid-back but there’s plenty to do here.



We also recommend travelling to Oman between January and April when the weather is lovely, warm and sunny. Between March and May, the damask roses bloom in the mountains, a remarkable sight.


There is so much to explore – from rugged peaks and vast deserts to majestic forts and jaw-dropping oases – and we will ensure you make the most out of your time in this amazing Middle Eastern country. We can arrange for you to experience some of the world’s best diving, trek in the Al Hajar Mountain Range, stay in a stunning private camp in the desert or retreat to an idyllic spot to laze on an empty beach.

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