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If you enjoy sports we highly recommend that you have a Thai kick-boxing class whilst in Thailand. Not only is it an extremely good way to get the heart pumping, but it is also very interesting as it offers an insight into a sport which has been a huge part of Thai culture for hundreds of years.

Thai kick-boxing, or “Muay Thai” is a combat martial art referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs”. This is due to the fact that they use elbows, shins and knees as well as the more traditional boxing contact points. Originally it was a practical fighting technique used in warfare, but it has developed over time and has now become a spectator sport as well as a style of military training.

Muay Thai

It isn’t for the faint of heart – you are likely to use muscles which have been lying dormant for a while – but it is most definitely an exhilarating experience, especially as your instructor will teach you the fighter’s concentration methods which are slightly meditational. As your class will be private, your instructor will adapt the practices to your fitness so it is more enjoyable. At cazenove+loyd we also like to recommend a slightly more relaxed approach to training with classes on the beach, so when you get hot it is just a short hop into the refreshing water.

Whilst in Bangkok we can organise tickets for a professional Thai boxing match so that you can get a taste of the lively crowd atmosphere. Having learnt a bit about the sport in your class you will appreciate both the mental and physical strain the fighters are under, making it all the more interesting for you.

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