Make every moment count 

Time is one of our most precious resources, which is why we believe in making the most of every vacation moment. Our thoughtful planning encompasses choosing meaningful destinations, streamlining logistics and designing fulfilling itineraries that maximize your cherished leisure time. Just in time for the holidays, our experts have put together a hit list of a one week holiday ideas so you can have it all, even on a limited timeframe. From a Mexican marine safari and a private cruise in the Brazilian Amazon to a paradisiacal Polynesian escape, these experiences will replenish your soul and ensure you return home happier, healthier and more inspired.  


Here are our one week holiday ideas for a fully enjoyable trip:

A marine safari in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula  

Nestled along the Sea of Cortez in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, La Paz provides the perfect gateway to experiencing the region’s abundant marine life. The warm, nutrient-rich waters host an ecological wonderland, home to a diversity of species found nowhere else on earth. Start by spending a day snorkelling off the La Paz coastline. Flotillas of playful sea lions will frolic around you while schools of tropical fish dart through the coral reefs – don’t forget to keep watch for gentle whale sharks gliding by as they filter feed. For an up-close experience with grey whales, explore protected bays of Magdalena or San Ignacio by boat. A seasonal activity taking place from January to March, you’ll get to observe mother whales teaching their calves before migrating north. The nearby Espíritu Santo Island Biosphere Reserve also affords fantastic wildlife encounters above and below the sea. Trek the island trails to spot unique endemic species such as black jackrabbits and elephant trees and take a panga boat ride to admire colonies of boobies and frigatebirds nesting along the cliffs, then don your snorkel gear and dive in to observe sea turtles and rays. 

Our Experts travel picks include grey whales in baja Mexico

A private cruise in the Brazilian Amazon  

Have you ever considered a vacation in the Brazilian Amazon? An epic destination, this region is as beautiful as it is surprising, offering a world of adventure, gastronomy and beachside bliss. The rivers that run into the Amazon from the granite mountains of Colombia sit at a pretty consistent 27°C and are completely unpolluted, with zero silt and tons of vegetation. Most importantly, the lower water levels of May through September mean that almost every riverbank offers up deserted, white-sand beaches fringed with virgin rainforest only accessible by boat. We have access to luxurious, privately owned yachts, each sleeping 8 to 14 guests. We supplement the captain and crew with an English-speaking host and guide, a chef and arrange specialist guides and amazing activities en route – from jungle survival to conservation projects. Just don’t go if you need 24-hour internet access! 

Historic cities and sand in the Dominican Republic

With its pristine beaches and lush interior, the Dominican Republic is a jewel of the Caribbean and one of our one week holiday ideas. But beyond the tropical allure, the country has a rich history reflected in well-preserved cultural sites waiting to be explored. In Santo Domingo, wander the cobblestone streets of the Zona Colonial, founded by Columbus in 1496 as the first permanent European settlement in the Americas. Our one week holiday ideas cater for touring impressive monasteries, palaces and museums that bring the colonial era to life. On the southeast coast, Las Cuevas de Las Maravillas contains over 6,000 ancient Taino cave paintings dating back to 1000 AD and provides insight into the island’s earliest inhabitants. Also nearby is the Parque Nacional del Este, home to petroglyph-adorned caves and waterfalls. Heading inland, reach La Vega and imagine Spanish conquistadors traversing the green countryside on their expeditions, while in Santiago de los Caballeros, tour centuries-old churches that blend Spanish and Caribbean elements into a unique architectural style. From tropical coasts to misty mountains, the Dominican Republic offers as much intriguing history and culture as natural beauty – why not immerse yourself in the fascinating story of this captivating island nation? 

See the Galápagos in a week aboard the MV Evolve 

For an unforgettable yet concise Galápagos experience, consider a seven-night journey aboard the MV Evolve. On this intimate and luxurious 16-passenger vessel, you’ll enjoy the highlights of the Galápagos while exploring remote islands few get to experience – all in just a week. Each day, embark on guided excursions both on foot and by boat to get up close with the islands’ unique wildlife, narrated by the MV Evolve’s expert naturalist guides, who will explain the nuances of the unique ecosystem. By night, relax on deck and discuss the day’s findings, before dining on fresh Ecuadorian cuisine. Expect to visit the likes of San Cristobal Island, where sea lions laze on golden beaches and frigatebirds nest on cliffs; on Espanola Island, walk among the comical blue-footed boobies and albatrosses, while on Floreana and Santa Cruz Islands, observe giant tortoises foraging in the highlands and rays gliding through the channels.   

Escape to The Brando   

A luxury eco-adventure awaits in this island paradise and pioneer of sustainable tourism. Located on the private Tetiaroa atoll in French Polynesia, The Brando’s unique location coupled with its environmental programming allows guests to connect with the island’s nature and culture on an intimate level. Guests stay in thatched-roof villas with private plunge pools overlooking white sand beaches and azure lagoons, and many pilgrimage daily to the wonderful spa. Beyond the pampering and seclusion, a host of sustainability-focused excursions showcase the atoll’s incredible biodiversity. By day, paddle out by kayak to the outer reef to snorkel amongst sea turtles and thousands of colourful fish; at sunset, join a naturalist on the beach to watch sea birds returning to nest and green sea turtles laying their eggs in the sand, or for a rare encounter, swim alongside manta rays during their migratory season (from July through October). There are also behind-the-scenes tours of Tetiaroa’s sea turtle conservation programs, coral nursery and coconut plantations, and guests can participate in a beach clean-up, help biologists collect data on reef health or assist the resident cultural anthropologist. 

Our one week holiday ideas include Brando French Polynesia

South African sip + safari  

For an indulgent getaway that combines wildlife adventures and world-class wines, bookend a South African safari with stays at two premier properties: La Residence in Cape Town and Royal Malewane in Kruger National Park. Begin by checking into the elegant La Residence, nestled amidst fragrant gardens and vineyards in Franschhoek. Spend days languidly sampling vintages on the verdant veranda or touring nearby wineries such as Boschendal and La Motte. In the evenings, delight in gourmet farm-to-table cuisine overlooking the valley. Next up, fly north for a four-night stay at Royal Malewane, an exclusive safari lodge in Kruger Park. Enjoy heart-pounding twice-daily game drives to spot the Big Five then retire each evening to your lavish villa with private plunge pool. Conclude with food and wine immersion in Cape Town: indulge in a lazy lunch with paired vintages at any number of sensational restaurants and stroll the boutique-lined streets of Woodstock. 

A trip through magical Morocco  

For a week-long extravaganza of shopping, scenery and culture, head to enchanting Morocco. Begin in Marrakech, spending days blissfully bewildered in the winding lanes of the medina, haggling for colourful textiles, handcrafted leathergoods and intricate lanterns. Our Destination Experts know all the insider tips and can design an entirely tailor-made itinerary for you, packed with exciting, private guided tours – whether you’re interested in architecture, history, shopping or food – and visits to our favourite local restaurants and bars. Journey into the Sahara on a camel trek or 4×4 excursion to spend a night in a tented Berber camp under twinkling desert stars, then why not continue north to the blue-hued city of Chefchaouen before concluding your trip in Fez, exploring the medieval medinas where traditional tanneries and weavers still thrive.  

The ultimate wellness reset in India – one of our hand-picked holiday ideas

Nestled in the soaring Himalayas above Rishikesh, Ananda Spa offers the ultimate setting for complete mind-body rejuvenation. This award-winning destination spa immerses guests in yoga, Ayurveda and nature, restoring holistic wellbeing and encouraging healthy lifestyle changes. Start your stay with personalised Ayurvedic and naturopathic consultations, customised therapies and massages help balance your doshas. Meanwhile, twice-daily Hatha and Kriya yoga classes surrounded by mountain vistas invigorate the body and calm the mind. When not indulging at the spa, meditate in the mystic forests, practice pranayama breathing along the Ganges River or hike to sacred hilltop temples, then tuck into light, organic cuisine from Ananda’s farm along with nutrition classes designed to nurture from the inside out. 

Our one week holiday ideas suggest Ananda Spa on Indian Himalayas