We share many of the same values as fashion designer Penelope Chilvers. Like our trips, her shoes and espadrilles are top quality, long-lasting, sustainable and inspired by a passion for travel. They are perfect for travelling in many of our destinations, so we thought it would be fun to select the best footwear to don on adventures in five of our favourite destinations:

On a polar expedition

A journey to the polar regions with cazenove+loyd is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Following in the footsteps of Shackleton, you can’t help feeling like an explorer. Nothing compares to the experience of exploring the Antarctic Peninsula by boat, gliding among vast glaciers and ice caps, spotting penguins, whales and seals as you go. We can also arrange phenomenal Arctic expeditions where you can observe birds, polar bears and even the Northern Lights illuminating the sky above.

+ What to pack: Incredible Boot in winter white
I travelled to the Sami regions of northern Europe to discover the origins of the traditional snow boot – like the Incredible Boot – old fashioned glamour in the snowy mountain villages. Our Incredible Boot is the warmest snow boot, fully lined in shearling and bound with our colourful woven trim. It has a little turned-up nose so that warm air can be circulated around the toes.” – Penelope Chilvers

Penelope Chilvers boots, the Incredible boot

On an African safari

cazenove+loyd was born in Africa, in 1993, and we pride ourselves on being able to curate the most extraordinary African journeys. From sleeping under canvas on a mobile expedition in South Luangwa National Park or enjoying a surprise breakfast in the Zambezi in Zambia to setting out in a mokoro in Botswana’s Okavango Delta or walking with a Samburu warrior as your guide in Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau, your days are sure to be filled with exciting adventures.

+ What to pack: Ecuador Boot in tan
“I designed this travel and safari style deliberately on a Goodyear welt crepe rubber sole, as this is both lightweight and flexible, and ideal for long haul. The Penelope Chilvers world is all about an outdoor, rustic, healthy lifestyle, where surfaces are rough and lighting is natural. Our colours are sympathetic to the landscape – designed to blend in – tans or browns, not black, and styles that cover the ankle to protect against African thorns.” – Penelope Chilvers

Penelope Chilvers Ecuador boot

On a horse-riding adventure in South America

On her trip with cazenove+loyd, Penelope Chilvers travelled to the small town of San Antonio de Areco in a region known as The Pampas (meaning ‘vast plains’) in central Argentina. Just two hours from Buenos Aires – but a world away in spirit – here, you can experience the unspoilt world of the gaucho. Alternatively, at Los Potreros estancia, just outside Córdoba, you can set out on short horse rides; and in Patagonia, you can embark on a wilderness adventure for several days, where you camp and have asados (Argentinian barbecues) under the stars. We also recommend exploring Uruguay’s lush Valle Edén on horseback or the area around Estancia VIK on the south-east coast, where you can gallop along the beach and splash through the surf.

+ What to pack: Posada Boot in peat
“This is my take on a simple gaucho boot and my personal favourite from the SS20 collection. This slouchy suede boot was inspired by my conversations with gauchos in Argentina about what they believe a true gaucho boot to be. It must be equestrian inspired and of simple construction, slouchy with a full leather sole. I want these boots to make you feel liberated and free and at one with the land.” – Penelope Chilvers

Penelope Chilvers boots, Posada

To explore vibrant cities

Metropolises the world over are fantastic to explore, and we have the inside track on what to do, where to eat and the best people to meet. In Buenos Aires, we can arrange for our clients to go to a polo match or head to a milonga to dance with the locals. In Marrakech, you can spend a morning with design brand, Hamimi, or explore the souks with a personal shopper. In Havana, visiting a local artist’s studio or enjoying a private performance at the Carlos Acosta Dance Academy are both an absolute must. In Cape Town, we can organise anything from private picnics on the beach to a gin tasting with a mixologist on Table Mountain at sunset. These are just a few examples and the possibilities are boundless.

+ What to pack: Nonno Poncho in navy/stripe
“I am passionate about keeping dying crafts alive and there is nothing more artisanal than a classical espadrille sewn onto a woven jute sole and made in Spain. Our Nonno espadrille picks up all the colours of the brightly coloured ponchos from the north of Argentina where it rises towards the Andes.” – Penelope Chilvers

Penelope Chilvers traditional boots, Nonno Poncho

To discover mountain kingdoms

One of our favourite destinations is Bhutan. On a trip to this enchanting mountain kingdom, our clients can expect treks on hidden trails with top guides, picnics in incredible spots in the five main valleys – Paro, Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha and Bumthang – and visits to ancient dzongs and monasteries. We can also arrange for our clients to experience colourful festivals, such as the Punakha Tshechu, and camp in the Bhutanese wilderness.

+ What to pack: Long Tassel Boot in conker
“My brand was founded on this boot so it will always have a special place in my heart, especially with its timeless appeal. Famously worn by Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge on her trip to Bhutan in 2016, having worn them for eight years previously, these beautifully handcrafted boots are made to last.” – Penelope Chilvers

Penelope Chilvers boots, Long Tassel Boot

Visit www.penelopechilvers.com to view her full collection.

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