Hwange is the largest of Zimbabwe’s National Parks and naturally teeming with game. Elephant numbers in particular have been enormously successful here however the lack of river systems within the park means the game relies on a network of natural and now ‘pumped’ water pans.

Such densities of game in such specific areas is reason enough to go on safari here but the situation also creates some interesting experiences at camp during the dry season when the elephants in particular are seeking water from whatever source is known to them.

It is never easy to choose to stay at camp and therefore miss an afternoon game drive but at Somalisa and Somalisa Acacia it is a must. Over recent years, these two fantastic camps have become an important watering hole for the elephants in Hwange National Park. As soon as I arrived to camp I could see some potential “pool partners” were on their way.

Travel to Zimbabwe to see the Elephants

Things got a little hairy at one point as a young bull decided to try to serve himself before his elders.

Safari in Zimbabwe with cazenove+loyd

He soon learnt his lesson….

Safari in Zimbabwe with cazenove+loyd

Two hours later, we reluctantly left having enjoyed a glorious afternoon lying on our sun loungers watching a breeding herd of 14 come to drink and a few feisty bulls, one of which was determined to spray us with water – he succeeded but luckily our camera survived.

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