For a real family adventure, a private yacht charter in some of our favourite areas of Latin America is a game-changer. The journeys that we hand-craft offer unrivalled access to astounding endemic species and some of the least visited parts of the Amazon ecosystem.

A private yacht charter in South America is the perfect option for a slightly more grown-up family holiday. The European holiday which was perfect for very young children can be taken that much further afield when they are that much older: pretty ports and beaches can be replaced with more intrepid exploring and jaguar sightings in the heart of the jungle. And we believe that it is the highlight of any trip to Brazil.

Travel to Brazil to see the Jaguar of Brazil

We have an unrivalled knowledge of South America’s river systems and oceans which allow us to open up this wild and exciting part of the world. And while we always choose the best boats for our clients, a private charter in this part of the world is really all about the incredible surroundings and experiences on the water, rather than just where you stay.

Waterways in Brazil, private yacht vacations

Below, we have highlighted two very different Latin American boat journeys. One is a luxurious and private take on a popular journey, the other a magical winding trip in an area less travelled. What the two have in common, however, is incredible wildlife and a real sense of adventure.


Chartering a small riverboat to explore in great comfort and complete privacy the different rivers systems of one of the most unspoilt parts of the Amazon in central Brazil is one of the greatest adventures out there.

One our favourite yachts in the region is Tupaiu, an 8-15-person paddle steamer style boat complete with skipper, chef, and guide, which will enable you to explore the depths of the Amazon at your own pace. This journey usually begins in Santarém, which is bordered by the milky Amazon and the deep blue Tapajã’s rivers. Both run along many kilometres in the front of the city, side by side, but incredibly do not mix – making for quite the spectacle.

Tupaiu Boat in Brazil

Each journey in the Amazon is different, but there are a few snapshots you can expect. Fabulous meals will be prepared by your accomplished chef on board or set up on the beach, with fresh produce procured from a passing local fisherman.

Your captain will navigate the channels, mooring at a different deserted beach whenever you want, passing by village communities, spotting pink dolphins and delving into some of the least visited parts of the Amazon ecosystem, where you are guaranteed not to see any other tourists.

Sailing in Brazil

As the day meanders on, your expert English-speaking guide will inspire you with his knowledge of this unique habitat which has more species in a 100-metre by 100-metre area than in the whole of Western Europe. And a significant perk is that this stretch of river contains no biting insect so that nothing takes away from your exploration of untouched Amazon rainforest.

Ultimately, the boat is about the crew on board and the access it gives to true wilderness and the wonder that comes with it. That is the cazenove+loyd definition of luxury in a destination like the Amazon.


A trip to The Galápagos Islands is a bucket-list holiday for many and with good reason. A week spent island-hopping around the archipelago, becoming well-acquainted with the delicate ecosystem and the wonderfully tame animals that reside there is an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

For a truly immersive and relaxing experience, we recommend chartering one of our favourite small yachts, which offer welcome privacy, but also great comfort in what remains one of the world’s most exciting destinations. This style of trip is also great for a multi-generational celebration as the islands offer something for all ages and there is something delightfully bonding about all being on board together.

Stella Maris Galápagos

The Stella Maris is a spectacular small yacht that we would advise taking exclusively for one large family or a group of friends. The yacht accommodates up to 12 guests and is beautifully furnished, with simply exceptional food. Destination Expert Sarah is particularly impressed by the beautiful master suite with its panoramic windows, and the Jacuzzi on the spacious sun deck. The 38-metre-long yacht is also specially designed to be as ecologically friendly as possible, so as not to disrupt the life on the islands.

Stella Maris Galápagos

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