On arrival in Yangon, we were met by our guide, the charming Aung Kyaw Myint, with whom we spent two weeks learning about history, geography, culinary arts, and cultural fluency – indeed it became our challenge to find any subject where he was not a complete expert. The only success we had was to introduce him to Bamboo Hut near the shores of Inle Lake – my daughter had insisted we seek it out and we were not disappointed. This family-run restaurant is nestled in the countryside, far from any tourist traffic. The food was some of the best we ate in Myanmar, fresh and homegrown. It was an enchanting find and the cooking course they offer was an added delight to our itinerary.

A holiday of a lifetime in Myanmar

In a land of glittering pagodas – where one feels as humbled by the magnificence of the Shwedagon Pagoda as one does by the splendour of Bagan, with its 4,446 religious monuments spread out as far as the eye can see – rising at dawn in a hot-air balloon to capture that glorious landscape is a sight we shall treasure always.

A holiday of a lifetime in Myanmar, Palaces and Temples

We travelled from the pristine waters and remote beauty of the Mergui Archipelago all the way up to the Northern Shan State, where we spent two wonderful days exploring the area around Hsipaw. A highlight here was a visit to the residency of Hsipaw’s last royal prince, Sao Kya Seng, which is now home to his nephew Mr Donald and his wife, who receive visitors in their drawing room to share their family’s fascinating and remarkable story.

A holiday of a lifetime in Myanmar

We began and ended our trip in Yangon and every stop along the way was as unique and wonderful as the next – no one place more magical than the last. cazenove+loyd truly organised us a holiday of a lifetime!

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