Japan was never somewhere on my bucket list and although I was excited about what we could offer our clients when our Asia team launched Japan a few years ago, I was not rushing to go there. How wrong could I have been and I eat humble pie.


I loved it from the moment we landed to the moment we left. Why? It works, it is clean and it is efficient. Tokyo and Kyoto, the two major cities we visited are fun and interesting. They have great museums, the food was outstanding, great shopping, fabulous hotels and service and very nice, friendly people. Despite the fact that the population in Tokyo alone is 37 million, it does not feel overcrowded and it is amazingly quiet. It is also very lush and green due to the infamous Japanese rain storms and we saw some wonderful gardens bursting with life and colour.


The Bullet train which frequently took us from A-B is extraordinary in its efficiency – NEVER late, leaves on the dot of time and as ever spotless, and comfortable – we could learn a lot from the Japanese railway system.


Naoshima was a highlight beyond our wildest dreams and the art installations and museums varied and incredible. The James Turrell light installation at the Tadao Ando designed museum at Benesse Art Site and The Teshima Art Museum are memories that will stay with me forever.

Twelve days was deemed not enough by our group of 12 art aficionados and I know the majority are planning a return visit, as am I. There is still so much more to see and so many places to visit, it really was an extraordinary journey.

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