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Easy to overlook when the historical area and vibrant, bustling cosmopolitan centre are just metres away is Bangkok’s “other face”. Some of the most interesting and fun parts about the city are in the back streets where the locals get on with their day-to-day routine. As long as you are with one of our expert guides, the best way to explore this side of the city is by bicycle.

Bangkok by bicycle with cazenove+loyd

The pace of life is much slower in the back streets where the narrow roads are traffic-free, and you can ride along on your bicycle at a leisurely pace. You will find it a nice change to be away from the concrete skyscrapers and glitzy shopping malls, amongst low-rise traditionally built houses. Our guides are local to Bangkok so they will introduce you to some people along the way. Especially interesting is visiting a local primary school and open-air kick boxing school. Here the people are not so used to the sight of visitors and you will get an excited reaction from the students who will be eager to come up and communicate with you.

Being on the back streets you will also find many delicious food options to choose from, and our guide will point out the local favourites. For lunch we suggest you pick up some tasty street-food and go and sit in Bangkrachao which is the greenest area of Bangkok. Wash your lunch down with a mandarin juice squeezed in the moment – the best juice you will ever have tasted.

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