Having had Aman Indonesia luxury resorts on my radar forever, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to begin my journey staying at three of the brand’s signature properties.

Aman Indonesia


My first stop was Amandari, meaning ‘peace and heavenly beings’ – a name that rings true as every aspect of the hotel has been beautifully thought through. Amandari takes pride in their subtle yet substantial design; from afar it blends into the rice paddies, jungle landscape like an established village and internally as I weaved through the pathways and gardens, I could feel that everything had been carefully designed from a guest perspective.

With there being so many fantastic options of how to spend my time, I left it to the expert Aman guides to define my stay. On my arrival evening I was invited to make a traditional Balinese blessing basket, which was a beautiful experience that included learning the different meanings of each flower, the intricate design of the basket and how these offerings form such a sacred part of daily life in Indonesia. The following day I met with my guide who took me on the most wonderful hike around the surrounding area. We journeyed through endless green and beautiful paddy fields with not a single tourist in sight throughout the whole hike. It felt like a truly personal and unique experience, complemented by special insights from my guide about his life and country. Wishing I could stay longer, I then begun my journey to Amankila, not before being blessed by two young girls who threw gorgeous flowers from the traditional baskets over me. What a charming departure!


I was then driven to the east coast in Aman’s VIP car service – and it was such a luxury to take in the views in such a relaxed and comfortable environment. Arriving at Amankila was breath-taking: a walk through the lobby revealed seamless, layered infinity pools that blended into the background of the Indonesian Ocean. Over the next two days, my experience just got better and better. From walking along the black volcanic sands of the beach to having the most delicious freshly made breakfast watching the sun rise over this unexplored corner of Bali, there was magic at every turn – and I have never slept so well anywhere in the world. Amankila villas are spectacular, all very spacious and comfortable with beautiful views – whether it’s the dense jungle greenery or the calm blue of the ocean, you won’t be disappointed. After soaking up the last of Amankila’s sea air, I headed off for my third and final stop on the Aman Journey, Amanjiwo.


Located on the neighbouring island of Java, Amanjiwo is like no place I have ever been before. One of the most incredible hotels I have ever been fortunate enough to stay at, immediately on arrival I was struck by its architectural design and could recognise the signature features of Borobudur. It was extremely peaceful, with very few tourists – I would highly recommend visiting this corner of Java before this changes and the world discovers it. Amanjiwo is surrounded by a lush and rugged volcanic landscape and the area is scattered with many temples and ruins – little wonder it is considered Indonesia’s cultural heartland. I’d always wanted to visit Borobudur, one of the lesser known but most impressive temple complexes in the world. Aman arranged for me to be shown around the UNESCO World Heritage Site with one of their most esteemed guides called Poyo, who has been working with Amanjiwo for more than 30 years. Poyo gave me such a special and unique insight into Borobudur and bought the story to life beautifully, from the excavation of the ruins and the preservation of its history to how Indonesians have maintained Borobudur as a landmark of their culture.

Each of the Aman properties are uniquely incredible, however what was consistent throughout my Aman Journey was the charm of the wonderful staff, the incredible design of the villas and the beauty of the surroundings. I would highly recommend this journey to anyone who wants to explore an undiscovered Indonesia in style.

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