With all direct flights landing here, we advise our clients to begin their trip to Argentina in the country’s proud capital, Buenos Aires. Quite different to other Latin American metropolises, BA has more in common with European capitals, with its wide boulevards and well-heeled residents. However, it still retains the energy and excitement of Rio de Janeiro and the cultural vibrancy of Havana.

Your trip to Buenos Aires may be the beginning of a journey to the wilds of Patagonia, a gateway to the famed wine region of Mendoza or even the start of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica. And if you only have a brief stay in the city, you will want to make the most of it. Below, cazenove+loyd Destination Expert, Sarah Griffiths gives you a taster of what she can create for our clients in a day that goes far beyond the usual tourist trail and right into the soul of the city.

Buenos Aires


A different way to get to know a place is through its food, and in Buenos Aires we can arrange for a very special private food tour with a guide we have known for years, Alejandro. A charismatic literary professor and artist who is passionate about the burgeoning food scene in the city, Alejandro will take you behind the tourist screens to see the real Buenos Aires. Yes, you will taste the juicy steak that the city is famed for, but Alejandro will also introduce you to the innovative food trucks in Puerto Madero, where you can sample top-quality chorizo, slow-cooked meats and even Peruvian-inspired ceviche. The next stop will be San Telmo for perfectly flaky empanadas and rich coffee in one of BA’s oldest bars. In four hours, you will explore the city’s cultural heritage but also it’s vibrant future, with Alejandro providing insights and anecdotes that only a passionate local could.

If your interests lean more towards art, we can organise a private tour with our favourite Argentine art specialist, Constanza, who will show you some of the city’s very best street art in and around the areas of Palermo and La Boca. The scene rapidly developed after the 2001 economic crisis, when disgruntled citizens began painting political slogans on the city walls and is a striking look at modern-day Argentina.

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires


In a city with such rich cultural heritage, a highlight is the Teatro Colón, one of the most important opera houses in the world. With one of our specialist guides and their inimitable insight, you visit the backstage of the theatre and look through the intricate handmade costumes and explore the singers’ dressing rooms.

Buenos Aires


Few things feel more ‘Buenos Aires’ than a night at a milonga (tango club), but too often, the clubs are geared solely towards tourists and lack authenticity. However, through our friends on the ground, we can arrange for a very special evening spent first having a private tango lesson, before going along to a traditional milonga to dance among the locals. This was the greatest experience I had on my last trip to Buenos Aires and I have never felt more immersed or at home in a place as I did when dancing the tango, surrounded by friendly locals of all ages and not a single tourist. It is an evening I love recreating for clients, who always tell me it was one of the highlights of their trip.


The great thing about tango is that it is not choreographed, so is perfect for beginners. You need zero experience in any type of dance to be confident on the floor after only an hour’s lesson and it’s just so much fun.

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

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