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It is inevitable that as a holiday nears its end we start to feel the need to run around and buy presents for those at home. Cartagena is a city where such an obligation can become an opportunity for further exploration and discovery. In the historic district where pedestrians and horse-drawn carriages take precedence over cars, a pleasant few hours can be spent wandering the small streets to find the perfect gift rather than an over-priced bag of coffee at the airport.

Luxury holiday to Colombia

Here are a few of our discoveries interspersed with some refreshment suggestions:

Loto Del Sur on the corner of the main shopping street is an elegant emporium of beauty products and fragrances produced in Colombia. Cocoa scrub, jasmine candles and orchid bath oil to name but a few of the natural products used.

On a small side street lie three shops under the same name of Colombia Artesanal. Reasonably priced leather goods with interwoven sombrero patchwork designs, jewellery and textiles are divided between three bright and attractive buildings.

If at this point you are in need of a restorative coffee head towards the Cathedral and you will find the small San Alberto café which is one of the best coffee producers in the country.

St.Dom is worth a visit for the fun of looking at the layout and architecture of the store. It sells an eclectic mix of Colombian fashion designs for men and women as well as home products and jewellery.

Hopefully, these suggestions will relieve some of the gift anxiety and you can treat yourself to a well-deserved lunch. La Cevicheria is a lively spot with outdoor seating, delicious mojitos and the best black squid ink paella.

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