Region: The Polar Regions

There are few places on the planet that have captured hearts, minds and imagination quite like the Poles. These icy destinations represent a golden age of heroes, evoking images of brave explorers with a glint of defiance and determination in their eyes’, ships paralysed by ice, hot-air balloons forging into unchartered regions and packs of huskies working to bring their masters home to safety. You can experience all these adventures with our polar expeditions. 

Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton, Mawson, Ada Blackjack, Rasmussen, Nansen…these are just some of the adventurers who risked their lives to pioneer discovery of Antarctica and the Arctic during a period of history when national pride was of paramount importance and being the first really mattered.
Fortunately, with our luxury polar expeditions, we need not embrace the hardships of the past to experience the beauty and wonder of the Poles today. From the penguin colonies of Antarctica and the polar bears of Svalbard to the vast ice and fascinating cultures of the Northwest Passage, these otherworldly lands and their captivating creatures are now accessible to us all.

Purpose built expedition ships offer the opportunity to reach the ice in comfort and style, accompanied by highly experienced teams who will guarantee that you make the most of every opportunity during your journey.

The choice of vessels and itineraries is extensive, which is why we have used our 15+ years of experience in polar travel, our knowledge of the boats, guides, destinations and the intricate laws that accompany these voyages to select only the ones that we believe are the best.

These remarkable regions are truly astonishing, and we will ensure that your experience will be just that.

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The Seventh Continent, the White Desert, the Land of Penguins or the Base of the Globe, welcome to Antarctica, the highest, driest, windiest continent on earth.

When the darkness of winter lifts each November, and the frozen grip on the land begins to yield, life arrives in full force. On a luxury cruise to Antarctica you will explore and finally discover the continent. Penguins and seals come to breed and raise their young, fledging and suckling them in the New Year. Whales frolic and feed in the rich waters, peaking in numbers in late February and March. Albatross circle on their never-ending quest for food while orca and leopard seal take their place at the top of the food chain.

Travel south across the Drake Passage and you will discover huge icebergs crowning the waters around the South Shetland Islands. Giant sentries protecting their kingdom, these icebergs beckon visitors to the Antarctic Peninsula, a hugely diverse and reasonably accessible frozen finger of land.

To the east is the Weddell Sea, where Shackleton’s ship Endurance was recently located, from where you can visit the emperor penguin colony at Snow Hill. Travel further, into Queen Maud Land, and you will reach a handful of stunning camps that open for brief windows in the austral summer, accessible by plane from South Africa. All part of our luxury cruise to Antarctica. 

Meanwhile the Ross Sea, accessed from New Zealand, is where Scott made his base camp on that fateful journey.

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