Region: Asia + The Middle East

cazenove+loyd’s Auriole Potter invites you to join her on a journey into the past and present of this pivotal corner of the world. For discerning travellers interested in geopolitics, history, religion and food, there can be no more exciting destination than Israel.

The main allure for most people who are travelling to South Korea is Seoul, one of the continent’s most exciting cities. With magnificent palaces, temples and shrines alongside contemporary skyscrapers, the South Korean capital is an incredible mix of old and new – of tradition and modernity. The vibrant city’s rich history spans as far back as 18BC when it was known as Wiryeseong, and its colourful past includes many regime changes, conflicts, prosperity, liberation and dynastic rule. From technology, pop culture and fashion to music, arts and food, the culture here is unique and fascinating.

We know the best places to stay, the most knowledgeable private guides and the top restaurants, and can arrange some very special experiences that enable you to discover hidden gems and engage with the local people and daily life. From having lunch with a family in Bukchon Hanok Village to visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace after closing time, we can design an extraordinary itinerary here for you.

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Lying at the convergence of the Middle East and the West, this fascinating country is a startling mix of cultures, religions and old and new. Lebanon is an intriguing, modern destination, with a thriving art scene, famous cuisine, beautiful European-inspired architecture, a mass of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a culture completely different to that of any of its neighbours. From history and heritage in Baalbek and Byblos to hiking and mountain biking in the Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve to arts and crafts in buzzing Beirut, and perhaps the best food of anywhere in the world, it has so much to offer.

Our team of experts have travelled all over, sourcing the best hotels and guides, and meeting with people of interest who will show our clients the real soul of the place, and looking into every detail that could enhance a trip. We have spoken to many specialists on the ground in order to create memorable experiences and arrange private access where possible. Lebanon is a well-kept secret just waiting to be discovered by the discerning traveller.

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Enigmatic, unspoilt, exotic and timeless: this Buddhist mountain kingdom is truly magical and it delivers an experience like nowhere else on earth.

The classic view of Bhutan is of its important dzongs and their spectacular mountain backdrops, but over the years we have worked to develop something different, exclusive and very special for those who want to do more than scratch the surface. Imagine spending a night at a monastery and waking up to join the monks in morning prayer and meditation, surrounded by brightly coloured flowers.

As well as the five-star splendour of Bhutan’s newer hotels, there are also some charming local-run lodges and you can use these as good bases from which to explore the main valleys and further afield. Trekking here is also becoming more sophisticated, allowing you to experience Bhutan’s pristine mountain wilderness in great comfort.

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Our incredibly personal approach and specialist knowledge mean that we can design luxury tailor-made holidays which really penetrate a place.

This approach allows our clients to witness a culture in an incredibly intimate way. Joining in morning prayer in a remote monastery in the Himalayas or enjoying private access to a Rajasthan palace after dark. We can deliver an experience which puts the incredible palaces and temples into context and leaves you with a deep cultural understanding of a destination.

Our holidays are tailor-made and are all very far from the mainstream but without necessarily compromising on comfort. That is what cazenove+loyd is all about. 

Cambodia’s magnificent past and recent troubled history make it a culturally fascinating country to visit. 
Your holiday in Cambodia will almost certainly take you to the spectacular Angkor. The artistic, architectural and cultural legacy of the Khmer Empire which dominated much of Southeast Asia between the 9th and 13th centuries is epitomised in the ruins of the Angkor area. This truly vast archaeological site enables one to trace each stage of the fascinating history of the Khmer peoples. Our specialists on the ground guide you expertly through the ruins, pointing out historic and cultural details and are able to organise visits to lesser-known ruins hidden further into the jungle.
Elsewhere, we can help you get under the skin of Cambodia. Explore the bustling streets of capital Phnom Penh with a private guide and see the colourful markets in action. 
The options in this charming destination are endless. We can arrange a picnic on a deserted island or lunch overlooking the exquisite views of Bokor Mountain, a deserted hill station relic of Cambodia’s 60’s heyday. Cruise the waterways of Tonle Sap, the main artery of life in Cambodia, or follow the Mekong River as it weaves its way to Vietnam. Secret spots on Cambodia’s coastline and off-shore island are reminiscent of Thailand 30 years ago and round-off any trip to the country perfectly. 

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We are fully independent, so our only concern when choosing a private yacht or a cabin on a larger boat is what is right for you and your family. Our Destination Experts have visited these stunning boats, on luxury boat trips, so after getting to know you and your family’s needs, they can advise on location and taste, as well as arrange a host of unforgettable activities and surprises once you are there. 

Life on the private yachts boats and small ships we choose is about freedom and that elusive frontier feeling. It’s where iPads and smartphones are made redundant, replaced by the thrill of ever-changing scenery and daily discovery of secret little spots. In the polar regions, for example, we select from a variety of ships, from 12 person charters designed to navigate the ice – which can be both super luxurious or practical – up to opulent vessels for 200.

What we look for is a knowledgeable captain, a great chef, but most importantly a great guide to bring it all to life  – because for any extraordinary destination to be fully felt in technicolour it needs to be brought to life by a team with the perfect balance of passion, charisma, and professionalism.

With cazenove+loyd it is not just about where you stay but the experiences that go with it. The magnificent Amazon River, the mighty Mekong or the wildlife-rich Komodo Islands – we can open up the world’s most incredible waterways to you in the most inspiring way.

If you like to be ahead of the curve, this region – which spans the enormous state of Madhya Pradesh as well as the tribal areas of Chattisgarh and the little-known coastal state of Orissa is a fantastic option.
Of course, while being underdeveloped has many benefits, it also means that you’ll need the help of insider knowledge to be sure of getting the best from your luxury trip.

The standard and style of accommodation is developing rapidly but sensibly and we have discovered some real gems on our recent visits. Wildlife itineraries, too, need to be well thought out and managed and, with the unparalleled knowledge of our Destination Experts,  cazenove+loyd is very well placed to provide the best experience possible.

A trip to China is simply transformative. Offering a culture, history, and way of life so different to ours and very much its own – the experience for the visitor can be overwhelming. Despite its dominance in today’s world, China has historically remained underdeveloped as a luxury travel destination. This is now changing and we have developed new ways of experiencing the country that are off-the-beaten-track and authentic, yet retain total comfort.

Your tailor-made-holiday will likely start in one of the metropolises of Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. In each of these characterful cities, we can take you beneath the tourist veneer through our expert guides and friends on the ground. In Beijing, experience the Forbidden City with an architecture specialist, who can take you to hidden spots, untroubled by other visitors. We can also make a visit to Great Wall of China even more extraordinary, by taking you a little further to a quiet section of the wall where a stunning picnic will be waiting for you.

Only a two-hour drive from the fashion-forward Shanghai lies dreamy Hangzhou, with its mystical West Lake which has been enchanting poets and artists since the 9th Century.

In Chengdu in the exciting Sichuan province, we can arrange special experiences with pandas and also cooking classes where you can understand the fantastic fiery cuisine of the south. The city is also the gateway to Jiuzhaigou, a national park with breathtaking scenery.

With our Destination Experts’ depth of knowledge, the possibilities in China really are endless. From exploring the wild Yunnan province, to even experiencing the mythical Lhasa in Tibet, we can offer clients something truly extraordinary.

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With more than 18,000 islands scattered across nearly eight million square kilometres of tropical ocean, Indonesia embodies an extraordinary variety of geography and hundreds of distinct island cultures. Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumba and Moyo to name but a few – all have individual characteristics and need to be approached in different ways, with specialist advice on each.

As just one example, a road trip from Central Java to Bali is unforgettable: aptly nicknamed the ‘route of the volcanoes’, this intoxicating journey allows more adventurous travellers to experience unspoilt Indonesia, while still staying in extremely comfortable accommodation.
On Bali, a night at a Balinese Princess’s palace under the shadow of Agung volcano; a day with a personal shopper discovering the island’s most stylish sources of jewellery, fabrics and accessories (or a week sourcing fabulous furniture); a Hindu festival in a hideaway village – this is a side of Bali that few visitors see. Having travelled to Bali extensively and discovered how easy and rewarding it is to get off the beaten track, we encourage our clients to do so too and experience the real Bali with one of our cultural guides.

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