A Private Visit to Mehrangarh Fort with the Head Curator


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The Mehrangarh Fort, with its unique and impressive setting, closes to members of the public and all tourists at 5pm.

On my recent visit with cazenove+loyd, we were given exclusive access to the fort, with not another person in sight! We drove up to the fort just after it closed, and were met with a glass of champagne and views over the whole blue city. We were greeted by the head curator, who has worked all over the world, and recently finished a project with the Victoria & Albert museum in London.

Mehrangarh Fort

We felt very privileged to be able to meet with such an interesting curator. We were given a brief introduction into the restoration works of the fort, the funding, and how many visitors they have each year.

We were guided through the beautiful rooms of the fort, and given exclusive access to the historical royal bedrooms, private rooms for gatherings, as well as admiring artefacts of historical importance used for state occasions.

Mehrangarh FortIt was a fascinating experience to be able to wander through the fort, and explore rooms that are closed to the public. The sheer size of the fort, together with the beautifully intricate rooms was an unforgettable experience!

Champagne at Mehrangarh Fort
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