North Islands’s Indigenous Species


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At cazenove+loyd we believe that travelling to remote parts of the world should be hugely rewarding and one should bring home new ideas and beliefs from each adventure. The Seychelles is home to some of the worlds most exquisite creatures. On North Island you can learn about their projects to rehabilitate indigenous species and trees back onto the island such as the takamaka and the legendary coco de mer palm. Just as Noah planned in building his ark, so the team at North Island have sought to preserve the island in its finest form, for you to enjoy.

Tortoise on The North Island of The Seychelles

Now home to some of the world’s most exquisite species of indigenous creatures, including giant Aldabra tortoises, North Island has been through a complex and ambitious renaissance over the past few years. Following the island’s abandon as a coconut plantation in the 1970s, intrusive species such as rats and Mynah birds threatened to deface the island as it had always been, resplendent and beautiful. Years of painstaking research and guidance from conservation bodies has resulted in an eco-sensitive lodge designed intelligently to blend in with the natural environment and indeed, to enhance the various species.

Tortoise on The North Island of The Seychelles

Learning about the success of the projects and seeing it in the birdlife and by watching the tortoises which roam free around the island, is fulfilling and serves as such a great and rare example of how humans can help the environment that they so often destroy. The company who are so passionate about their contribution to this beautiful pocket of the world are inspiring for all those who want to explore.

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