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Cities and Wildlife of Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world with around 88% of the population living in cities creating incredibly vibrant metropolises and vast regions of habitat left to wildlife.

This short 9-day itinerary takes in two of those cities and one incredible wildlife region to give you a taste of what this country is all about. 

Arriving in Rio de Janeiro is almost a visceral experience. The city pulsates with the sounds, smells and rhythm of life. Your guide will introduce you to everything “Rio” as you explore Copacabana, Corcovado, Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Santa Teresa district in the hills above the city. You’ll discover amazing restaurants, samba clubs and caipirinhas on the beach.

Leaving the first big city behind the journey takes into the Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland, an area so big that on its own it would be the tenth largest European country, yet has a population of barely 1.2 million people. This hugely important wildlife reserve is home to some incredible creatures. Capybaras are omnipresent while caimans lurk in the waters. Your guide will help you spot anything from giant river otters, both blue and hyacinth macaws, toucans, giant anteaters, tapirs, howler monkeys, maned wolves, armadillos and so much more. The biggest draw for many, however, are the jaguars, the population of which has blossomed in recent years. This itinerary includes an evening safari drive giving you the best chance of a good sighting.

Following your time in the wild we will fly you on to the second metropolis, that of Sao Paulo. In years gone by this sprawling city did not have the best reputation, but this has undoubtedly changed and it has become a must-see on any visit to Brazil. Today Sao Paulo is home to skyscrapers, banks and international businesses which have powered the development of the city, it truly is a modern success story.





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Sao Paulo has the largest population of any city in the southern hemisphere.

The itinerary highlights

Rio de Janeiro

Few cities are as iconic as Rio de Janeiro. Images of beaches, beautiful people, samba, Corcovado and Sugar Loaf instantly spring to mind and the reality definitely does not disappoint. Exploring with one of our handpicked guides allows you to adapt the experience to really get under the skin of the city and see what you want to see.

Jaguars in the Pantanal

Working closely with one of the most successful ecotourism undertakings in South America to track and understand jaguar behaviour in order to protect this incredible species we can arrange for you to have a private day with the Jaguar Habituation Team. The day includes setting and checking camera traps, tracking footprints and searching for recent kills. If you don’t catch a sighting in the day then the evening drive is a second chance.

More wildlife in the Pantanal

This region is so rich with wildlife from caiman and capybara to macaws, monkeys and jabiru storks. Exploring with a guide from your lodge you’ll encounter vast amounts of these incredible creatures. Of course, tours can be tailored if you have a particular ambition, perhaps sighting the endangered hyacinth macaws?

Sao Paulo

Three reasons to stay at Estancia Cristina in Argentina

Starting the day at the So Paulo Cathedral, one of the five major temples of the neo-gothic world and completed in 1710 highlights that there is so much more to this city than the modern high rises. Your guide will move you through the ages and regions as you explore from the Japanese quarter to Ibirapuera Park, a 160 hectare national park in the very heart of the city.

The itinerary highlights


Where to stay

Nothing but the best. On this suggested Brazilian itinerary these are our handpicked, tried-and-tested choices.

Hotel Fasano, Rio de Janeiro

This ultra chic addition to the Fasano family is located at the Copacabana end of the prestigious Ipanema Beach in Rio.

The Fasano Hotel and Restaurant has elegant and understated interiors designed by Philippe Starck, and offers an unrivalled view of Ipanema Beach from the rooftop swimming pool and fitness centre. There is also a traditional Italian seafood restaurant, the Fasano al Mare, and a stylish lobby lounge, Londra.


Caiman Lodge, Pantanal

Caiman Lodge is a haven for nature enthusiasts seeking an off-the-grid escape. Located within a remote rainforest setting, the lodge offers rustic yet comfortable accommodations that blend seamlessly with the environment.

Guests can explore nearby caves, rivers and ancient Mayan ruins, all while enjoying the lodge's sustainable practices. With limited connectivity and an emphasis on nature immersion, Caiman Lodge provides a unique opportunity to disconnect from modern life and reconnect with the natural world.


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