Venetia Stanley

Nothing excites me more than booking my next trip to explore somewhere new, an ongoing obsession that has led me to pursue a career in travel. After spending 12 months in India aged 18, I then lived and worked in Hong Kong for five years, traveling extensively to several unique and extraordinary countries in the Far East. I fell in love with the diverse and fascinating cultures, enchanting scenery and genuine warmth of the people that I encountered throughout the region. I’ve since enjoyed a variety of adventures in Asia, from road-tripping around Indonesia, back-country skiing in Japan and trekking in the Himalayas, to living with a nomadic family in Mongolia and immersing myself in Bhutan’s ancient way of life. At cazenove+loyd, not only am I am fortunate enough to be able to create more memories in this extraordinary part of the world, but I can also share my experiences with our clients.

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Venetia Stanley

I have just returned from...

Galle Fort Amangalle

Sri Lanka

This country has always been high on my wish list, and it surpassed my expectations. The friendliness of the people struck me immediately, their infectious smiles and warm hospitality embracing me at every turn. I loved exploring the jagged southern coastline, with its huge sweeping palms and crashing waves, plus several mind-blowing hotels and villas. Visiting Galle Fort from Amangalla was particularly memorable, as was watching locals play cricket in the cobbled streets whilst the sun set. I would happily return again and again.