Serena Winn-Darley

Thanks to a childhood spent outdoors in Yorkshire, I have grown up with a sense of adventure, and as a result, I am the first to jump at any opportunity to explore the world. After school, I headed off to southeast Asia with only my backpack for company and fell in love with the vibrant nightlife of Bangkok, the ancient temples of Angkor Wat and the lush landscapes found across Vietnam. My appetite for travel didn’t stop there; I have most recently returned from working at one of the top fishing lodges in Patagonia, Argentina and exploring much of Latin America – think scuba diving with nurse sharks off Belize, hiking up volcanoes in Nicaragua, wandering the streets of Mexico and exploring ancient Mayan ruins in Guatemala. I'm now thrilled to work in an environment that supports responsible tourism, alongside people who are as passionate about travel as I am.

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Serena at a mountain range

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Serena, horse riding in Argentina


I was captivated by the stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage and the vibrant culinary scenes across this incredible country. From enjoying a steak on charming a street corner to embarking on an outdoor adventure, Argentina left a lasting impression on me. I will always treasure the time I spent living and working in Patagonia, waking up to breathtaking mountain views and filling my days with new adventures; hiking, fishing and riding. The close-knit community and sense of camaraderie across the estancia welcomed me with genuine warmth and encouraged a contagious zest for life. 

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