Nabila Richardson

Being of mixed heritage (half British, half Moroccan) I have been blessed with an opportunity to learn about and live with different cultures from birth, and it is through this that my love of travel and exploration has flourished. I am passionate about uncovering local gems, meeting new people and tasting my way around a country – I truly believe that you can get to know so much about a place and its people through its food culture. With over a decade of experience in marketing, I use my expertise to create campaigns and strategies that cut through the noise. What I enjoy most about my role here is being able to tell stories from around that world that inspire, educate and spark wanderlust in our community.

Marketing Director

Nabila Richardson, Marketing Director

I have just returned from...

Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands

Nothing could have prepared me for the pristine and peaceful atmosphere of the Galápagos. The wildlife experiences are supreme and plentiful, from watching the bluefooted booby’s mating dance and seeing a rare sighting of a hammerhead shark, to witnessing the phenomenon of flying mobula rays and playing with sea lions. I still find myself daydreaming of my trip highlight: spending five minutes following a giant manta ray, as it glided elegantly through the ocean – magical!