Jonathan Goldsmith

Growing up I dreamt of little more than being an archaeologist; it wasn’t all down to Indiana Jones, but he helped. Five summers spent in Israel, three months in Italy and an expedition into central Ghana later, and the travel bug had well and truly taken over. Since then, I’ve taken every opportunity I can to explore the world – trains across Siberia and Mongolia, motorbikes around Southeast Asia, trekking in Borneo, safaris in Zambia, cycling around New Zealand, buses in South America and picking tomatoes in Australia to pay for it all! My first visit to Patagonia, nearly 20 years ago, led to a job designing journeys through Chile and Argentina, allowing me to indulge in my obsession with the ice; The Falklands, Antarctica, Svalbard, Greenland and the Northwest Passage have all cemented my love of the wilder corners of the planet. As Head of Product at cazenove+loyd, my role is to support our fabulous Destination Experts, seeking out new experiences and opportunities to make our itineraries the best out there.

Head of Product

Jonathan Goldsmith

I have just returned from...

Greenland and the Faroe Islands

This was my fourth visit to West Greenland; I was there for a trade show, meeting operators and guides to discover new opportunities across the North Atlantic and Scandinavia. After days of meetings in Nuuk, eventually it was time to get out and explore – it seems that I just can’t get enough of clean air, the sound of sled dogs and the way of life sandwiched between ice and the sea. A stop off in the Faroes reminded me that this area should be on everyone’s bucket list – the way the islands erupt from the sea, just wow!