Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell

Co-Owner + Director

Chris Wilmot-Sitwell

I have just returned from...

Aqua Blu Explorer Yacht, Indonesia


The only way to see much of Indonesia is by sea. Almost 20,000 islands are spread across three time zones: it is vast and very varied. The currents are strong, and the anchorages and ports are few and far between. At cazenove+loyd, we have worked with traditional phinisi and, in the last decade, these have become more and more professional and comfortable. 2020 sees the launch of the Aqua Blu, a small, expeditionary yacht for divers and non-divers alike that combines access with great comfort. It is a game changer. I was lucky enough to join the inaugural expedition at the back end of 2019. Fifteen cabins can be taken individually and the boat offers cabin comfort and inside-outside space, which means both privacy and conviviality. Or for the ultimate private charter, it has no peer in the region.