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For many years Panama City was not a destination in itself, but a stop off point for flights connecting on to other holiday destinations. However, of late Panama City has thrust itself into the lime light and announced itself and the country as a destination in its own right. The city can be broadly split into two parts, Casco Viejo (the UNESCO World Heritage site) and the ‘Little Miami of the South’ and this is what we love so much about Panama City, there is such a wealth of diversity in which to explore and immerse yourself.


Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo or San Felipe all refer to the same, unique, beautiful walled city of Panama. Consisting of 16th and 17th Century Spanish Colonial Architecture it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and after that money was poured into the area to encourage rejuvenation. It has worked tremendously and an area which was previously off limits has become one of the trendiest places to visit. Our guides can transport you to a bygone era with their knowledge and passion for the city. Behind the crumbling façade of the buildings our specialist guides can unearth some of the many hidden wonders, where rooftop bars appear from nowhere with freshly made mojitos and incredible vantage points overlooking the bay and the skyscraper skyline in the distance.


The culture and historical beauty of the Old City is starkly contrasted with the modern skyline that looms in the distance across the bay. In this area of Panama City everything is bigger and shinier, where the business district thrives and shops, glitzy hotels and restaurants have rapidly sprung up. With so much to see and do, Panama City can be a bit of a jungle. However with one of our guides you will be gently taken to the best shops, restaurants and spas in the morning before finishing your day unearthing the culture and hidden walled gardens in Casco Viejo.

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