Wildlife Conservation in Africa

cazenove+loyd has its roots in Africa and the continent is very much part of our DNA. We recently took part in Tusk’s fantastic project, Ride4Rangers, to help the charity raise money to support Africa’s rangers and conserve its amazing wildlife and wild spaces.

All funds raised will be matched by the founding donor of Tusk’s Wildlife Ranger Challenge. We are encouraging all our clients to make a donation if they can to this inspiring initiative.

We have been busy walking, running and cycling – and are proud to say that our team has covered an impressive 462.5km over the past week in aid of this very worthwhile cause.

Cara Maitland Ride4Rangers

If you have ever travelled to Africa and enjoyed its extraordinary wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes, and would like to help protect them through this conservation crisis, please give however much you can. And most importantly, spread the word so that as many people as possible can help make a difference.

Millie Summers Ride4Rangers

How your contribution will help

Across the world, few have escaped the impact of COVID-19 – not least in Africa where the collapse of tourism has had a devastating economic effect, threatening the livelihoods of millions of people, as well as the future of the continent’s wildlife. Tourism is the main funder of conservation in Africa, but with the global pandemic bringing most trips to Africa to a standstill this year, protected areas are being starved of this essential source of income.

Wild leopard in Kruger National Park, Africa

Wilderness areas, such as Tanzania’s Serengeti, South Africa’s Kruger and many more, are struggling to pay the salaries of the rangers who are the first line of defence against the illegal wildlife trade. These rangers are enduring drastic cuts to their income and resources, but are still working tirelessly due to their passion for safeguarding the continent’s iconic animals at a time when poaching is surging. Without them, many species, such as elephant, rhino, lion, giraffe and pangolin, are at even greater risk of extinction.

Ride4Rangers was formed to raise as much money as possible as part of Tusk’s greater Wildlife Ranger Challenge, so that vital funds can be dispersed to those areas that critically need to be protected. The project challenged us all to come together to raise funds in support of African rangers and wildlife by cumulatively cycling, walking, running or horse riding the equivalent of the circumference of Africa: 30,000km.

Endangered Rhinos Africa

All funds raised will be distributed directly into the field across 60 different projects and conservation areas across East, Southern, Central and West Africa. The aim is to support more than 5,000 rangers, and their wider families, during these difficult times. The Scheinberg Relief Fund, the founding donor of Tusk’s Wildlife Ranger Challenge, has generously committed US$5million of matching funds, with the goal of getting thousands of rangers back to full capacity. In simple terms, that means that every single donation, however big or small, is automatically doubled.

  • £20 buys a ranger a new pair of trekking boots
  • £25 funds a ranger’s rations for a month
  • £100 provides three cooking sets for a rapid-response anti-poaching team
  • £250 provides materials needed to build a predator-proof livestock enclosure
  • £500 sponsors a four-man anti-poaching team in the field for a month

Wildlife Rangers, Africa

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